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Craig’s List of the Week 9-17-09

THIS is the live link if you want to see it for yourself

Craig's list of the week Sept. 17

This sled is in great cosmetic condition..No scratches, cracks or tears in seat or hood.

(The sapplings and thistle protect it during the off-season.)

The sled went 120mph last time it was driven.

(Well of course it did. Exciters routinely went 120 mph.)

But has not been driven in a couple of years so carbs and filters should be changed..there is new plugs.

(Change the carbs? A couple cans of carb-cleaner would be cheaper.)

And will most likely start wit a little tlc.

(Bring a couple cans of starting fluid when you come to look at it.)

call mike at 6512394913 if you want to look at it.

(I’m dialing right now.)




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