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D.J. Ekre Racing the 2010 I-500

Team Arctic’s D.J. Ekre had a heart-breaking 2010 I-500. He was leading by several minutes with roughly 70 miles to go…when his track tore, ending his race. Up to that point, D.J. was ON FIRE. Here’s a short vid of him just prior to the first fuel stop on the third day.




  1. Thanks for posting the videos. Looks like they are flying running that ditch line. Is that Tucker driving the truck in the video?

  2. The sections of ditch in this and Ebert’s video were fast and relatively smooth compared to a lot of the ditch that I saw. In these videos, Ekre and Ebert were running between 55-85 mph. Yes, Tucker was driving…extra fast because he’d been drinking Monster.

  3. Great videos! Thanks for posting them. Man, DJ had a tough break. I listened to the race on live stream feed from the USCC website…Sounded like he was definitely the man to beat….To be racing so hard and dominating the field, then to have the track fail….Ugh! That’s one of those racing deals….Next year DJ! It’ll be your year.
    Now, Tucker needs to stop driving trucks and get down to Canterbury and keep AC’s winning ways, roll’in! Good-luck Tucker!

  4. Try testdrive 5, I’m not sure if it’s out on the pc I have it for the xbox360, it’s an amesowe game with about 100 different cars and motorcycles in it. It has hundreds of miles of road and is set in Hawaii.


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