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Endless Winter: Love it or…

April snow storm in the Midwest

I shot this photo this morning. The dark blurs are massive snow flakes hurling past, courtesy of an April snow storm that could unload up to 12 inches of snow in 24 hours, with periods that could produce 2 inches-per-hour!

More than ever, the talking heads on television and radio are apologizing for the weather, while friends and relatives are complaining with twice the whine as their mid-January theatrics.

Of course the snow will melt sooner than later. Yes it’s a pain in the arse for anyone commuting to work. And no, very few snowmobilers will make tracks.

But still I ask: What’s not to love about an endless winter?

Friends of mine logged more than a hundred miles on Minnesota’s North Shore/C.J. Ramstad Memorial Trail this past weekend. And if the temps stay low enough, I’ll do the same within the next week myself (see below: truck and trailer are ready to go).

But even I don’t fire up a sled until next season, I’m smiling. Lest we forget, winter happens.

Even in mid-April.


April snow storm in the Midwest



  1. I love the snow and really hope this is a sign of a much cooler summer to come. Its just too bad mother nature couldn’t trade our 50 degree days in January for this. Either way, enjoy it while you can. We will soon be trading our snow blowers for lawn mowers. Just remember, Haydays is now less than 5 months away!

  2. I love the snow too John. No I will not be firing up the snowmobile either, and I actually put the snow blower away last weekend, so I’ll be waiting for the weather to melt what’s on my driveway, but it is still my favorite season. I love when my son wakes up and gets excited seeing the snow falling. I also know that we do live in MN and although not everyone loves winter it’s part of living in this part of the country.

  3. AMEN Matrick98z!!!! We are due for an awesome next winter.

    The whiner at home is my GF! Lol! I told her it wasn’t over yet

  4. We’re getting more snow here as well. The snow is still thigh deep and we’ve had snow since the last week in October, here in Blairmorganville. This is six months of snow and people were riding in the middle of November, pretty much an epic year.

  5. It was probably before your time, John, but when I graduated from high school there was a movie playing at the drive in theater called Endless Summer. The movie was about a couple of surfers who traveled around the world to wherever it was summer so they could surf all year. Maybe you could make such a film in Minnesnowta and call it Endless Winter. Of course, use Cat machines in the film.

  6. I think any true Snowmobiler smiles when it snows. I’m in S.E. Wisconsin and this has been an extra long season for us. In fact the trails were open into March. They closed about a week and a half before Nielsons Grand Finale. I can’t remember when the trails were open that long in this area. Hopefully next season will be similar and include December and January.

  7. As much as we all love Winter and snowmobiling, I think enough is enough. We have some summer Antique/Vintage shows to attend and some camping time with the family. Hope Winter just dies soon so we can continue on with Summer plans.

  8. This may be your best post ever John! We all know sweltering heat and Mosquitos are on their way. It’s a guarantee, but you never know when you’re going to see a good snowfall again…and man, is it beautiful! I just put this same feeling on Facebook for all my complaining friends to see 🙂 I passed 6 sleds (Arctic Cats!) at 7:30pm Friday night (4/12) outside of Worthington and the sunlight was still well out. Needless to say, I removed Def Leppards’ “Hysteria” album and replaced it with my classic Cristmas CD…”Winter Wonderland” was on repeat for awhile and I may have been singing along rather loudly, but i’d never admit it on here;-). I gotta admit, life is beautiful some times.

  9. John it doesn’t seam that long ago you posted a copy of the weather radar Predicting possable snow fall. You, myself and every one reading this website would look out our windows looking for a blessing. It wasn’t too much longer and you posted you got your first storm and I was still getting rain. The day you posted this we were getting rain. I’m greatful for what snow we did get,and I’m always happy to see it .


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