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Factory Friday and Haydays is a Go!

Well, this is a good news week! It looks like Haydays is still a go, so plan on gettin sweaty, walking 60 miles of hayfield, and lookin at some new Arctic Cat snowmobiles in the Factory Display! (You can read into that however you’d like)

Speaking of Factory…Here’s what’s on the line – 2021 Riot X 146 in Dynamic Charcoal/Fire Red!

2021 Riot X 146 Dynamic Charcoal / Fire Red

And here’s the announcement from Haydays:

IMPORTANT NEWS: Preparations for Hay Days 2020 will proceed as scheduled. While no one can predict what COVID-related challenges may still exist three months from now, we are hopeful the situation will continue to improve. Our efforts over the months leading to Hay Days will be focused on the changes necessary to safely conduct Hay Days recognizing a new reality where physical distancing, robust sanitation practices, and self-awareness must be front and center. We will also be closely monitoring the rapidly evolving state and local guidelines and their impacts on our plans. Additional information will be forthcoming.
Thank you for your patience and continued support of Hay Days! Hope to see you there!



  1. Absolutely love the assembly line pics! Always makes me think of all the great machines that have made the same journey over the years! Keep up the good work Kale!

  2. I always think exactly the same thing Matt mentions above when I see the assembly line! I believe 1971 was the first model year produced in the current plant?

  3. So, how is Cat going to handle the lawsuit just won by BRP over the patent infringement in regards to the procross. It says they can’t sell to Canadian Customers at this point in time.

  4. So what is going to be Cats Dealership in Thief River Falls when RV Closes on the 30th? Going to miss that place. know Randy very well and his dad Vern when he ran the store.

  5. JimR – As of now, there won’t be an AC dealer in TRF when Randy closes, which presents an opportunity for someone. Randy has the property and buildings for sale.

  6. If I were 10 years younger I would be all in! I am assuming he sold some 2021’s so where to the buyers go for these?

  7. Beautiful sled! I test rode the orange version at Country Cat last winter. Great sled, but definitely still a 70/30 ratio for off/on trail. The shots down the assembly line are super cool!


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