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Happy 77th Birthday Roger Skime!

Roger Skime in 1962

This is one of my favorite photos of Roger Skime from 1962 as he first started his career at Arctic Cat.

Roger racing I500 in 1999 Photo:John Sandberg

I truly appreciate the photos from John Sandberg, founder of ArcticInsider. Here, he captured Roger racing the 1999 I500.

Roger Skime racing the 2010 I500

And another Sandberg captured of Roger racing the 2010 I500. Both races have similar stories of Roger deciding to race the evening before, and posting successful results when he finished.

Roger and his wife Bernice at Skime Ranch Photo: John Sandberg

This is another of my favorite photos. John Sandberg captured this one of Roger and his wife Bernice at Skime Ranch after we spent the day riding the RS Edition ZR’s around their property.

Roger and Bernice at Skime Ranch Photo:John Sandberg

Many photos and countless stories have been shared regarding Roger on the pages of ArcticInsider. If you have the time, type his name into the SEARCH function on the website homepage to relive some of those. They’ll bring a smile to your face. Happy Birthday Roger! I hope you have a great day.



  1. Happy Birthday Roger! Im proud to say I own one of the signature RS edition sleds and its never going to be sold. Thank you for everything

  2. I wish you could leave photos in the comments section here. I have a cherished one of myself and Roger at the 50th celebration in Thief River. Happy Birthday Roger!

  3. Happy Birthday Roger,thank you for spending a couple moments with me at the Lake Geneva Snocross races back in 2018 we sat and talked in the stands as i went through some of my pics of my sleds you said to me that i made your day

  4. Happy Birthday Roger. Like many others, I got to meet you at the 50th celebration and it was quite the honor. We traveled from Michigan and that was one of our family’s favorite vacations.

  5. Happy Birthday Roger! Curious to know how Roger picked his race numbers? 255 and 66X. Also wonder who owns those sleds now? Cool photos.

  6. Happy Birthday Roger! tell Bernice Hi also! hope it aint to wet up there! take care my friend! Hope I am still going like you you when I am 77! c

  7. Happy Birthday to the LEGEND Roger Skime ! I had the privilege to work with Roger on many projects over the years and he is a great man for the sport we all love. Thanks Rog for everything you have done for us ALL.

  8. Legendary men like Roger created the legend of the Arctic Cat brand. Happy Birthday Roger and Thank you for making Arctic Cat snowmobiles what they are today. Hope when I am 77, I can half of what you can do.

    Happy Motoring !

  9. Happy Birthday Roger! Thanks to your devotion to CAT, that has made my winters so enjoyable. Wishes for many more Happy Birthdays.

  10. Sid,

    I don’t know how Roger chose 255, but I do know how he chose the number 66X! He was 66 years old when he was racing the I-500 that year. Since the number 66 was already taken, he simply added an X behind it. Awesome guy for sure!

  11. Happy birthday Roger from the farm country of central Michigan. I’ve long admired you and your path to success. May you enjoy many more happy birthdays to come.

  12. Truly a legend in our INDUSTRY. We have crossed paths a few times in the company of our great Hibbert and Dick friendships.

  13. Roger is a one of kind snowmobile genius but also a down to earth great guy who will help anybody out.i have worked with him on team arctic things and he never refused to help me out


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