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Factory Friday: Something Different this Week

I was traveling Michigan and Wisconsin this week and one of the stops was to Herfindahl Racing in Eagle River, WI. Here is a small photo teaser of their AC snowmobile and memorabilia collection.

I admire Zach as one of the fastest Cross Country racers on the planet, but I also admire he’s only 24yrs old, and has the deepest interest in the history of vintage and collectible snowmobiles. I can’t wait to show you this collection, proper. Its impressive, but you’ll have to wait a couple weeks.

A tiny peak into the AC collection of Greg (L) and Zach (R) Herfindahl

I dont have any Factory Photos to share this week. The line(s) didnt have AC product on them, but I do have information on your chance to buy 2021 models if you missed out this spring. Hooray! Stay tuned and have a great weekend.



  1. The absolute coolest sled I had a chance to buy (but let is slip away) was a 1971 Panther 634 with Montana Pipes.

  2. Bobby, with all of the grass drags being cancelled for this autumn your Dads Firecat will be worth a little less than normal.


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