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Factory Friday: Team Arctic Teases New Race Sleds!

Three New Race Sleds Coming from Team Arctic for 2020/2021 Season

Yesterday, on a conference call between snowmobile journalists and Arctic Cat’s Director of Snow Product Strategy, Brian Dick, and Team Arctic’s Race Manager, Mike Kloety, the duo unveiled three new race-specific snowmobiles for the 2020/2021 competition season. 

Brian Dick enthusiastically stated, “Arctic Cat has always raced because it’s our Passion, it’s where Innovation stems from, and it’s great Exposure for our brand.”

For now, Arctic Cat is allowing the media to share this teaser photo until the official launch August 31st.

Its great to see AC’s commitment to racing this season! Good luck Team Arctic racers!

By the way, there were more blue sleds on the line this week in TRF, so no AC product to share for Factory Friday. Sorry to all those waiting on Thundercat photos! LOL.



  1. Guessing that third sled in back is a Mountain? They gonna race the Alpha? I think they should try Alpha rail on SX. That thing would have some mad cornering.

  2. Congrats Team Arctic. You’ll give us something to be proud of. Good to see Textron hasn’t let go of guys like Brian and Mike.

  3. Hey Kale thanks for sharing. Was hoping AC would at least let ArcticInsider share more info than the rest of the media. I guess Ill wait another week to find out haha. Ill agree its nice to see AC show commitment.

  4. Will there even be a race season? I haven’t seen any season schedule released for ISOC. Im looking forward to seeing the new sleds out on the track at Duluth. The race is after the election, so you’d think COVID will be all cleared up by then. Lmfao!

  5. For crying out loud Cat! Just show us the sleds. Thank you Arcticinsider for sharing this. I wonder what other journalists were on that call because I don’t see this posted anywhere else.

  6. Probably don’t share the info because its all pay to play with the magazines. The only magazine worth picking for us midwest guys is Snowtech and I enjoy Mn Snowmobiler.

  7. I think C.W. has a great idea with a Kincaid mention. Even just a decal on the machine like the one Octane Ink was selling earlier this year. I believe that would be very touching.

    Maybe a Hunter Houle graphic for the X-Country model.

  8. Catsass- Duluth is not going to happen which is probably why ISOC hasn’t put the schedule out yet. At least the schedule for XC is out, glad to see Cat is getting so race press out.

  9. JimR and Woody – I talked to ISOC this week. They just had a meeting with the OEMs on Monday and will be posting the 2020/2021 schedule soon. My guess? Snocross will kick off the season around the first of the new year, versus the traditional Thanksgiving weekend at Duluth. We’ll have to wait and see where the venues will be. Wouldn’t shock me if there is a National at ERX in Elk River, MN…which is a pretty sweet host site.

  10. This is great kale. I’ve asked for years, how many fans really go to sno x. bout to find out. fans or no fans. i don’t think it changes anything. all there from the race teams anyways.


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