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The Eagle River Derby Complex has cancelled their World Series Snowmobile races this weekend, BUT, the Arctic Cat 2024 CATALYST model demo rides will still be happening! 

Here’s the details:

LOCATION: Register at the Eagle River World Championship Derby Complex Expo Hall located at 1311 N. Railroad St., Eagle River, WI. 54521 upon arrival.

DEMO RIDES: 10am-5pm on Saturday the 25th and Sunday the 26th.


Crowds were big for the CATALYST demo rides. All slots were filled by 11am on Saturday
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  1. Not happy that there so far has not been any rides set up for Cat’s home State. Missing the boat by just a little bit there.

  2. There is about to be a massive snowstorm over MN and WIS – if the Cat marketing dept wants to capitalize then they darn well better plan a few more events. Not withstanding the fact that they’ve desimated dealers so going to areas that guys with no dealers can drive would be a step in the right direction to luer riders from all brands to try one. However, it’s likely Textron has Cat’s marketing dept still being run out of Georgia – so it’s not like they would know any of this. Also, if Cat were smart they would using Kirk and Tucker Hibbert to help sell sleds, in the same way Poo uses Levalli and Burandt, etc. I’m literally just listing off common sense ideas here which makes me think Cat doesn’t really have a true marketing dept. That being said, the Catylst sled will be amazing but Cat, can you just add some dealers back in areas of the midwest where you took them away – you literally lost buyers due to that. And you gotta add some inventory to dealers during season, the limited number of used newer Cat sleds limits options for potential buyers and they end up buying another brand.

    • I’m sure they’ll sell 100% of the limited number of units they are able to produce for 24. But I agree they need to some if not all these things to gain market share in 25.

    • Unfortunately, the new Ski Doos won’t hit the snow for a long time. Maybe an 850 turbo will be ready to race a 2017 Thundercat next season. Until then, the Catalyst RXC’s can tangle with the 2023 600R.

    • I was hoping @ArcticInsider would respond, because he might know. There’s nothing anywhere that says an age or any rules to ride – not even something that says a helmet is required.

      In my opinion, if you have a driver’s license and a helmet, I’d go to the demo. If they hesitate due to age, be persistent and tell them how far you drove to get there, promise not to go over 50mph and/or tell them you were advised you could ride on ArcticInsider. Dropping my name probably wouldn’t mean anything, but you never know (I was part of the photo shoot).

      When I’ve attended demos in the past, I think they wanted to see my drivers license and that was about it. Being an old geezer, I don’t get carded any more, so I wouldn’t probably know if there was a minimum age.

      From the Eagle River derby complex’s Facebook announcement, this sounds like a fairly controlled environment. I doubt they’re going to let anyone take chances with their babies. For that reason, I would expect rules on age to be a little more relaxed than if this was a rental or free-for-all open ended kind of event (where people could ride more aggressively).

      Maybe someone can correct me, if I’m wrong. If no one does, assume you can ride.

      • Years ago we went to a demo in South Range. my kids (14 and 16)were not able to ride . There was a leader and a sweeper for the demo ride. Waivers were signed .

    • Connor – I asked, and Arctic Cat says:

      Minimum age requirement (Will need to show proof of age):
      16 years old for all full-sized sleds
      14 years old for all mid-sized sleds
      Appropriate ride gear required: helmet, closed toed shoes, pants, goggles, gloves
      Must complete the registration process and safety briefing
      Can only ride with a dedicated Arctic Cat instructor

      • They updated the event page with the rules I posted in the comments. Maybe they’ll have second thoughts today, but that’s how it was written last night. I know it went through several people before it was posted.


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