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Finding Adventure: A Wildcat trip with Team Arctic’s Dale Lindbeck


 Dale "29er" Lindbeck was a pleasure to watch racing watercross for Team Arctic. Dale was a Multi-time World Champion who retired a few years ago

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Dale Lindbeck, you can read a back story on his “Checkered” past as a Team Arctic racer HERE. Dale is a multi-time World Champ watercrosser who retired a few years ago. Since then, my Ol pal, “29er”, sends me fun photos of his Wildcat XX adventures.

Dale and his Wildcat XX

I wanted to share a recent trip he took to West Virginia exploring the Hatfield McCoy trail system. Ive visited the Hatfield McCoy trails several times, and I have to say, West Virginia has done a phenomenal job developing, advancing and marketing their off-road trails. Please put this on your bucket list of areas to ride in North America…you won’t be disappointed.

The below photos are from the Buffalo Mountain/Devil Anse Trail System. Devil Anse Trail System links up to two other Hatfield McCoy Trail Systems- Rockhouse and Buffalo Mountain- totaling over 300 miles. The trailhead is located in the town of Matewan, historically known for being the heart of the Hatfield McCoy Feud. The trail system has direct access to gas, food and lodging and has a trail rating between mostly easy to mildly difficult.

 West Virginia is filled with scenic stops including this one near a waterfall.

Again, the exploring and photo opps are endless…Dale and his wife found a mining area.

If you are unfamiliar with the Hatfield McCoy feud, you may want to check out the TV Mini-series…think it was on the History channel a couple years ago, and is probably on Netflix by now.

If you watch the show, or know the history, you’ll know the Devil Anse name…Dale stopped to take a photo by his grave.

The sign reads, “Capt. Anderson “Devil Anse” Hatfield. 1839-1921 is buried here. He was the leader of his clan in the bitter family feud with the McCoys. A life-sized statue modeled from photographs and imported from Italy mark his grave.”

No Lindbeck trip would be complete if he didn’t find, and send me a photo with his old race number…this time a trail marker.



  1. Dale is one of the best! Always enjoyed meeting him at Haydays during Team Arctic autograph signings. Would always take time to talk with you. A definite class-act. Good to see him enjoying retirement.

  2. Went and saw Dale compete at Grantsburg watercross for many years. Great guy and fun weekend to watch snowmobiles on water.

  3. Watched number 29 put on a “clinic” of how to be a champion at brainerd many many times. Old guys kicking young guys asses. Welcome to the big leagues!!

    Hung over and all!!!


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