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HISTORY LESSON: How the Very First Arctic Cat was Saved From the Crusher

Over Memorial Day weekend, friend, and fellow snowmobile officianado, Greg Marier, visited the Snowmobile Hall of Fame (SHOF) for the Classic Sled Round-Up. He shared a funny story on his Facepage regarding the very first Arctic Cat, which is currently displayed at the SHOF.

If you are on the Facepage, look up Greg Marier. He shares some great Snowmobile Sunday posts.

I had heard this story at the Arctic Cat 50th event, but the memory had faded away. I was happy to see Greg share the backstory again, as it gave me a good chuckle and Im assuming it will put a smile on your face and place a bit of Arctic Cat history knowledge in your back pocket. If youve never visited the SHOF in St. Germain, Wisconsin, please put this on your bucket list. The displays there are incredible!

The background story sign sitting with the SHOF display

In 1999, the snowmobile in Greg’s photos were rusted and discarded, and discovered at the Jon and Jared Foss Salvage Yard in Greenbush, MN by two Roseau, MN brothers, Warren and Allen Lee, who were looking for a used snowmobile bumper. Warren found it sitting atop two scrap-yard cars and then asked his brother Allen to check out what he thought to be an early Polaris prototype, since it had so many Polaris L-55 parts.

Allen purchased it from the salvage yard for $80, and went on to restore it. He eventually sold it to Kevin Lehse from Fairhaven, MN and it was exhibited as a 1962 Polaris prototype at the 50th Polaris Anniversary event.

While viewing this snowmobile at the event, Edgar Hetteen (Instrumental founder of Polaris and later Arctic Cat) asked who was bold enough to display an Arctic Cat at a Polaris event?

Edgar verified it was the very first Polar Mfg prototype built, which would become known as Arctic Cat. More significantly, this was the very first front-engine design, Sport USA Snowmobile Design

Edgar Hetteen’s Polar prototype had been built 1-2yrs ahead of Polaris front-engine designed models utilizing an 8hp Kohler engine.

Upon Edgar’s verification, he autographed the underside of the seat.

After the Polaris 50th event, Kevin Lehse gave the snowmobile its proper Polar graphics and has become known as the 1962 Polar Mfg. Company Model: 100-XX prototype.



  1. Great story! Seeing that ZR next to it really puts things into perspective just how far they’ve come.
    It’s on my list to see this place in the next year-looks incredible!


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