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Finding the Tool Kit on the 2012 Arctic Cat ProCross/ProClimb

Side panel removed on 2012 Arctic Cat ProCross

The kits are located above the right foot stirrup. To access it, remove the side panel (no tools required, simply pull the R-clip fastener located by the upper A-arm, then pull back the front portion of the panel, which will bring it completely off the sled).


Side panel removed on 2012 Arctic Cat ProCross

With the side panel removed, locate and remove the zeus fastener holding rear of the bellypan and the knee-console.


There it is, the tool kit on the 2012 Arctic Cat ProCross/ProClimb

Voila! The tool kit is tucked into a recess behind the chaincase.


Contents of the 2012 ProCross Arctic Cat tool kit

Here are the tools contained in the kit for my 2012 Arctic Cat F1100 NA. I noticed that the gold torx tool is magnetized…nice touch!


UPDATE: Lots of comments from owners of 4-strokes who didn’t get the large flat washer in the tool kit, that’s used to help spread the driven clutch to ease belt-changing.

The reason it’s not included is because it’s not needed to open/spread the driven sheaves on the 4-stroke models.

However, the flat washer IS required on the 800 models.



  1. Looks like you did not get the large washer to open up the secondary, either. My 2012 F800 came with one, but not with the F100NA. Go figure.

  2. Thanks for the info! Now, where can a person store a spare drive belt and spare spark plugs? Enquiring minds want to know……………………….

  3. Yep, 2″ washer MIA. Not sure my cast wrenches would actually fit on a bolt.
    My tool kit keeps my spare belt company in the tunnel bag and I too can’t believe they don’t think everybody carries a spare belt, and would like a place to store it.

  4. I believe it’s “dzus”. Don’t catch John on many errors!!
    John, have you put on any miles yet???
    I’m still waiting on tunnel protectors, which I ordered in March, and the reverse update parts. Shouldn’t have studded in August I guess!!!

  5. Dzus!!! Never knew that…I always spelled it phonetically. Thanks.

    The original plan was to have a belt holder mounted on a plastic retainer on the clutch side of the machine. In fact the prototypes we rode at Snow Shoot had this set-up. But there were issues with them and they needed more development.

    I too will put my belt in my rear storage bag.

    flintstone: the strap is for starting the sled in the event the primary method fails. Wrap the strap around the clutch (like you might a “top” children’s toy) and pull. I’ve seen it done many times on a 2-stroke, would hate to face the task on a 4-stroke.

    Brian: I have 10 miles on my sled. Actually, I have about two on it, my son the other eight. All in our yard.

  6. What good does a spare belt do when they don’t supply a 25 cent washer so you can change it? I got a M1100T Limited with no washer. My brother-in law got a M1100T SnowPro and no washer in his either. I guess it doesn’t matter since you can’t buy a spare belt anyway.

  7. Take the clutch end piece, flip it over, remove washers from the bolt, and it will work for opening the secondary. No way that strap will start a 4 stroke. The gold circle thing is a spare clutch shim

  8. No 2″ washer in either of ours. I tried flipping the retainer as we did on the 08′ F’s but threads didn’t reach adequately. I believe this may have something to do with the clutch/belt deflection position. So it may or may not work. I took some of the washers that are inside the old style secondaries (the ones for changing belt deflection) and put them in the tool kit. They worked fine. I have about 20 miles on our two 1100’s just running around on our lake. Now the little snow we had there is gone too !

  9. I got the 2″ washer in my kit. Common theme here seems that the 800’s got them and the 1100T’s didn’t. Strange. The other nice thing about the 800 is that the spare belt fits nicely in the battery compartment.

  10. 800s have a shorter bolt and need the washer. To back up what Russ said, the 1100s have a longer bolt and will work with the adjuster flipped.

    If you dont have enough bolt when you flip your adjuster, remove the flat and spring washer.

    If the clutch is empty, the bolt may not be long enough. If this is the case, call on Mcgiver, with the adjuster in the normal position use your 2 screwdriver shafts and put them between the spacer edge and the helix. Run the bolt in a ways and wedge your belt in the secondary to hold the pulley open. Remove the adjuster and then flip it. Your bolt will be long enough now.

  11. Steve,

    I didn’t see any place under the hood on my XF800 Sno Pro that was big enough to store a spare belt. Looks like attaching it to the tunnel is the only choice.

  12. Hey guys on another note.. any Idea where a guy can stuff a spare belt under the hood on an 2010 F-600 snow pro? does not look like there is enough room above the belt guide between the oil reservior, or in the nose cone infront of the muffler?
    any one found a spot beside curling it up in the seat storage?
    advise.. Cat lovers..
    Dan “snow dance” Flynn

  13. Greg, remove the seat (one torx bolt at the rear needs to come off, then the seat can be pulled). Doing so exposes the battery tray, which can be a handy spot for your belt, beef jerky, Dec. 1978 issue of MAD magazine and a half-pack of Marlboros.

  14. Yes, I had the seat off when I installed the mountain seat. Didn’t realize that was where the battery went if it had one. I’ll try stuffing the spare belt in there but doesn’t look like much room.

  15. I just happened to stumble upon the tool kit while removing covers to fimiliarize myself with my new machine. I put it under the seat and bought a billet seat screw with a thumb knob so I could get to it. Just didn’t seem like I should leave it where I found it. I love my sled!


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