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First Look: 2018 Prowler Pro from Textron Off Road

2018 Prowler PRO from Textron Off Road.

Prowler PRO decked out with some sweet accessories, including the premium Cab Kit with roll-down windows.

While the stunning Wildcat XX might have grabbed the biggest headlines at the recent Arctic Cat-Textron Off Road dealer meeting in Las Vegas, it was another side-by-side that made the quietest (and perhaps most profound) impact.

I’m referring to the soon-to-be-released 2018 Prower Pro, a newly conceived utility side-by-side that emphasizes smoothness, quietness, quality and customizability.

Prowler Pro has been in the works for several years. Sharp eyed readers will notice it’s VERY similar to the recently released CUV82 SxS from Caterpiller. The best I gathered from talking with TOR, both companies collaborated to determine the features and form this machine would take, with Arctic Cat/TOR performing the design and development.

I talked with more than a dozen Arctic Cat and TOR employees at the dealer show who have spent significant time on preproduction versions of the new Prowler Pro. Judging from how many have said that they’re planning to purchase one for themselves, I believe we are looking at a machine that will happily satisfy the bulk of side-by-side owners who want a capable, quiet machine for general driving, towing, hauling and chores around their homes, cabins, ranches, hunting land and more.

Every person I talked with said the same thing: It’s EXTREMELY quiet and smooth (play the video below to hear what I’m talking about).

TOR gave it a pretty soft intro at the dealer show: so soft that there wasn’t any paperwork, specs or detailed info.

Below is what I know, with more/greater details to follow in the coming weeks.


* Ample head- and leg-room

* 812cc Liquid-cooled EFI engine, 50 hp

* 50 MPH (approx.) Top Speed

* 10-gallon fuel capacity

* 2,000-lb. Towing Capacity

* 10 inches Front Suspension Travel

* 9.5 inches Rear Suspension Travel

* 10.75 inches Ground Clearance

* 1,000-lb. Rear Tilt Cargo Box capacity

* 85-in. wheelbase, 62-in. wheel width

* Vehicle Dimensions 126- x 63- x 74-in.

* 32-in. seat height

* 2WD/4WD/4WD with Lock Differential

* Electronic Power Steering

* Tilt Steering wheel with column-mounted shifter

* Removable/stowable passenger seats

* Machined Aluminum Wheels

* Pro Terrain 26 x 10-14 Front and Rear Tires

* Tool-less service components with Easy-Access Panel

* Customizable Speed Controller

* Standard 75-Amp Alternator

*Dozens of available accessories, including: Cab kits (with roll-down windows); Roofs; Liners; Overhead Console; Grille Guard; Brush Guards; Full Glass Windshield; Rear Glass Windshield; Half Windshield; Bimini Roof; WARN Winch Kits; Hard Shell Doors; side and rear Mirros; Rear Bumper; Nerf Bars; (modular) Heater; Interior Dome Light; Beacon Light; Roof Work Light Set; Light Bar; Center Seat Console; Underseat Storage; Snow Plow; Gun Scabbard; and more.


2018 Prowler PRO from Textron Off Road. Photo by

2018 Prowler PRO from Textron Off Road. Photo by

2018 Prowler PRO from Textron Off Road. Photo by

2018 Prowler PRO from Textron Off Road. Photo by

2018 Prowler PRO from Textron Off Road. Photo by

2018 Prowler PRO from Textron Off Road. Photo by

2018 Prowler PRO from Textron Off Road. Photo by

2018 Prowler PRO from Textron Off Road. Photo by

2018 Prowler PRO from Textron Off Road. Photo by

2018 Prowler PRO from Textron Off Road. Photo by

2018 Prowler PRO from Textron Off Road. Photo by



  1. I don’t understand the point of changing the name to textron and then keep all of the cat related names and references for their vehicles.

  2. The branding changes didn’t have an issue with the “cat” names, it was the “arctic” part…and certainly not a like or dislike but rather a business decision. If you are an end user in the market for an ATV/UTV and you happen to live in Florida, Texas, New Mexico, etc. etc. etc. are you likely to even consider a brand with “Arctic” in the name? Unless you are already familiar with the products, I would say probably not. That’s why the Arctic Cat name was kept for the snow products, because it makes sense. Additionally I think the research showed that owners liked all the cat names.

  3. The Textron CEO said that Arctic Cat name wasn’t well known throughout the United States but they Alienated all of the true loyal Arctic Cat fans with the name change. They never changed any names when they were partnership with Polaris and they are going after them for market share. They also have not changed any of the ez go named Branding

  4. Pretty annoyed Textron launched this so silently. Its honestly going to be one the best products Textron has launched to date. It took all the flaws of an hdx and corrected them while giving the average Joe a product they actually want at an affordable price.

  5. Love the shifter thing????? looks like they stole it from Grandma’s 76 caprice. Should have put cat name on it for us old northerners and send the other 10 they sell elsewhere with the Textron name.

  6. I understand fully why they felt the name change was needed. Makes sense to me. I have been in golf industry for 25+ yrs and Textron has been a respected player with Jacobsen/EZgo brands.
    Who cares what they call the product now as long as we see a quality product and development.
    I do agree though that shift lever is just plain awful looking.

  7. I would be willing to bet this will be the most successful seller in the Textron Off Road product lineup, and not because of the “brand” change. The Arctic Cat WildCat XX and Prowler Pro are true Arctic Cat machines with a new marketing team driving a new brand. Fortunately for the members of the Arctic Cat Pride Club, they get to keep the sub-brand names, for now..

  8. The Prowler Pro seems to be the real deal for UTVs but I would like to see the prowler working more. I would also like to see side by side comparison with other units, Cub Cadet, Yamaha, Polaris 570 full size, and Kawasaki Mule.
    Utube features all kinds of comparisons but I haven’t found one for Prowler that shows it working , pulling and hauling. After the new year, I am looking for a UTV to help me around my place with hauling wood, rocks, and everything else I use my golf cart for.


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