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Tucker Hibbert’s 2018 Iowa Snocross Recap

Tucker Hibbert was back and crushing it this past weekend at the ISOC National in Dubuque, Iowa. Check out the highlights on this short edit.



  1. Team AC schooled everyone during the weekend. I am really amazed at how AC is doing this year compared to year’s past.

    With one more race weekend coming, AC looks to win the Pro, Pro Lite, Pro AM 30+ championship titles, plus others. Hibbert has had an AWESOME race season plus many other AC drivers.

    Way to go Team Green

  2. FANTASTIC! So, do you think Polaris and Doo will follow suit with 136″ tracks next season? AC’s snocross sled is a fine piece. Tucker and other cat pilots look like they’re in total control and the competition’s racers are riding on the ragged edge just trying to keep up! The tweaks to the 600 Ctec2 have shown the snow flap to the competition! Nice work!

  3. Congratulations to the whole Arctic cat team it’s great to see them on top. It’s also nice to see Kirk Hibbert and Mandy working with Tucker. Snowmobiling has always been a family sport. Tucker is first class always in tune with his fans and down to earth. What a dream it would be to spend a day ridding with him. Just as long as he waits for me.

  4. Well Doo was talking about testing a 137″ inch track last year I think and I believe Corin Todd on the Poo as well was testing either last year or the year before?

    You can see the traction n pull these AC sleds have, so I wouldn’t doubt it if Poo and Doo try a 136″? The AC C-Tec 2 engine rocks this year along with awesome clutching.

  5. Yes Indeed! what an Awesome weekend for team 68 and the rest of team Arctic!! glad the track in Iowa was better than last years for everyone! hats off to ISOC for a kick ass event! Congrats to all !

  6. Just a quick stat though, the Poo boys have owned over 70% of the hole shots in Lake Geneva on average over the years.

    Hope that will drastically drop starting tomorrow with AC sleds pulling away with their awesome sled set ups this year.

    Go Team Green


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