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Hay Days will look a bit different this year, as the company running the event has really shuffled around the vendor locations. If you are only going for one day, you’ll want to study this map so you don’t miss your favorite vendors and attractions. One of the larger location changes happened with the four snowmobile OEMs. Arctic Cat and the others are now moved along the grass drag race track, and you wont want to miss Arctic Cat’s unveil on Saturday. Im expecting the crowds to be as impressively massive as last year. -Kale

Note the new location of the four snowmobile OEMs.
New Arctic Cat ad I saw in newest issue of Midwest Rider magazine. Should be another exciting launch on Saturday.



          “The Sno-Barons believe in reinvesting in the sport they love, so the club supports and sponsors many other racing events throughout the area. Event proceeds also fund a wealth of charitable causes. The Sno-Barons Grant Program helps other snowmobile organizations and clubs finance infrastructure, such as bridges and warming houses on their trails. Proceeds also fund a scholarship for a deserving student at Anoka-Ramsey Community College. The club also donates to other charitable causes, such as the Make-A-Wish Foundation and the Sheriffs’ Boys Ranch, as well as local food shelves, police, fire and community groups, among others.”

    • From what I know, Country Cat will NOT be at Hay Days this year. Id love to see them there, but can understand their decision. Hay Days is a crapload of work for a dealer, and if product is selling at the store, its hard to justify all the time and cost to be there.

      • This reminds me why we lost a lot of grass drags and events the last 10 years. If local business owners don’t support the sport there will be nothing left. Our family donates piles of time marking trails leading to these businesses. I’m not impressed

        • If you are referring to Country Cat, I think they do plenty to support the sport without having to be at Hay Days. I think the Sno Barons will be just fine.

      • Stoked to see Thomas Sno Sports there. The guy that owns that place is a wealth of information and help. I’m from NE ND, and they ship Spee-Dee, which is awesome.

  1. I always drilled holes in my slides to allow for a bit of snow to build up, then run them through a wood plainer to reduce the thickness, along with adding 1 sey of wheals to the skid. Never had to replace them after that.

  2. So both Supertrax and Snow Goer have “articles” on the new big bore naturally aspirated 858 twin and the new “Arctic Cat G8 display by Garmin”.
    Arctic Insider is conspicuously silent on the big unveil.
    It’s unusual for AI to get scooped. Did Cat put a gag order on AI in deference to the other snomo rags for some reason?

    Also, what’s up with Troy Halvorson and his hippy-dippy hairdo? His appearance, along with his presentation delivery, seemed a little bit out of character for him.

    Cat says 11% hp increase relative to the current 800. If you assume the 800 puts out ~165 hp, that says the new engine should dyno around 183-185 hp. Considering both the Ski Doo and Polaris turbo 850’s are around 183 hp each, Cat’s new big bore should be a force to be reckoned with on the snow.


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