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From Sweden to Haydays

At a grass drag race in Sweden

Written by Patrik Löfdahl

We are three guys coming over to race at haydays.

I am the driver, Patrik Löfdahl and the crew names are Mats Lager and Henrik Nordenskiöld

This season we have been participating in one major three-day race event. With our Arctic Cat Sno Pro 600, we landed two gold medals and one bronze to become Overall Cup Champions in Stock 600.

We are also the points leader in the Nordic Grass Cup in the Stock 600 class.

Some info about us:

Patrik Löfdahl: I own and run a performance shop in Sweden, called Swedish Mountain Products. I’ve been into drag racing on grass, snow and asphalt. I also built the engine that Johan Lidman used to capture second place in the FIM World Snocross Championships in Malå, Sweden, this year.

Mats Lager: Arctic Cat dealer from Luleå in Sweden, and who is also active in drag racing on grass, snow, ice and asphalt. He supported Johan Lidman this past season with maintenance and clutching.

Henrik Nordenskiöld: Our mechanic the past two seasons on grass and is also a team member in Lidmans team here in Sweden. Going to be a rider in Snocross in Sweden this upcomming season

I (Patrik) have previously been to Haydays four times, but never raced.

Last year while Mats and I were at Haydays we said, “Why not try to get together a team and race here next year?”

Now we have help from Arctic Cat both in Sweden and USA, as well as from Duells (a Swedish parts distributor), Camoplast, Woodys, Carver Performance, Wahl Bros. and some other companies.

Our journey looks like this:

Mon. Sept. 6 – Arrive in Minneapolis in the afternoon, drive our car to Thief River Falls.

Tues. Sept. 7 – Spend the day at the Arctic Cat Race department, to set up the sled for racing at Haydays. We are going to run a Sno Pro 600 in Stock 600 class (Semi Pro). In the afternoon we’re going to get our shocks to Carver Performance, then driving to Greenbush, Minn., to Wahl Bros. to get a track, studs and other stuff.

Wed. Sept 8 – Hopefully the sled is all done and we can do some testing with Wahl Bros. in Greenbush. After testing and finalizing sled preparation, we’ll get the sled ready for transport down to North Branch for Haydays.

Thurs. Sept. 9 – Roadtrip continues…

Friday Sept. 10 – Arrive at race area to register and do some testing and tuning. Meet up with Ron Gilland, who will assist us during the race with the engine cool-down cart, dolly and maybe some tips and tricks. 🙂

Sat. Sept. 11 – Race Day! Perhaps there will be a ceremony to receive the largest trophy for traveling the furthest to race (at least that is what we aim for).

Sun. Sept. 12 – Looking around the area and maybe do some deals at the swap meet area.

Mon. and Tues. Sept. 13-14 – Visit some companies around the area, then fly back to Sweden.

We are hoping for a great trip!

Editor’s Note: If this isn’t “living the dream,” I don’t know what is. Excellent adventure you’ve embarked on, Patrik, Mats and Henrik! We’ll follow your progress at Haydays and hopefully have good things to report.

Good luck to you!




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