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Get Your Sled Ready for Summer

Summer Sledding Anyone?

Unwilling to accept that Summer is knocking on the door?

Same with me.

Maybe we can take a cue from Arctic Cat Engineering and convert our sleds for summertime fun?

Or better yet, how about we all agree to ride to the 50th Anniversary Celebration? That’s what I’m talking about!

Prototype F1100 Turbo for Summer Fun

In case you are wondering, the radiator is used to keep the engine cool when Engineering and Field Test riders make laps on the Arctic Cat Test Track, located a block south of the main plant in Thief River Falls.

That’s Gary Homme (above) working on the prototype F1100 Turbo inside of Engineering last summer. Homme can fabricate/craft/create just about anything.

Prototype ProCross

The PVC structure on the rear is filled with slide lubrication, allowing a slow-drip on the hyfax to prevent it from melting.

Laps on the test track

It’s been five weeks since my last ride, and already I’m fired-up to flip the throttle. Maybe I can con Arctic Cat into allowing me to make some laps the next time I’m in town?



  1. I can recall a group of guys that drove fan cooled jags back in 93 for the cat fest from Alberta to TRF down the highways, that was interesting. they removed sliders and added some wheels to skid.

  2. An asphalt track is sometimes used, but boogie wheels without being cooled do not last very long. These machines are set up and run for hundreds of miles on that track, all day long, not a 1/4 miles burst at a time. The track is approx 1.25 miles around. The tank is as much to cool the wheels and drivers as it is for lubricating the hyfax.


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