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Bittersweet Mountain Ride

Despite the thrills and incredible adventure that mountain riding offers, it still scares the you-know-what out of me.

This video illustrates the fact perfectly. It’s painful to watch, I don’t believe there are any swear words (the guy is French-Canadian), and it appears that he doesn’t get injured.

Thanks to for sending it to me.



  1. No kidding. That was a little hairy looking for a minute or two. I kept waiting for a crunch every time the guy found himself downhill from his rolling sled…

  2. Right… scared for the guy…waiting to see him get steam-rolled !! WOW…. lucky is an understatement …………

  3. Morons. Why would you continue to chase that sled down the mountain? At that point who cares if another part falls off vs getting steamrolled.

  4. Feel bad for the guy for wreckin his sled but if that was a planned decent down the mountain it probably would have been pretty fun

  5. He must have been flying up the hill…didn’t take long to get up, but took forever to come down!!!
    “Did someone count the rolls?”

  6. Whooa, yah he must have been flying up that hill cause it took a long time to get back down. Agreed, why chase the sled…at that point it was totaled, no sence going after it.

    I kept thinking he was going to hit those rocks on the way down.


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