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Glen Hall is Back (and Hitting 149-mph to Prove it)!

Team Arctic drag/speed run legend Glen Hall is back, doing what he does best following a pretty horrendous crash at last year’s Haydays Grass Drags.

Here in Martin, Mich., during Hall’s first time on the track on May 4, 2013, he nails a 6.745-second/149-mph run on his mod Arctic Cat Turbo in 1000 feet.

Yep, Glen’s back!



  1. No one could come close to the Smith/Mott Racing YAMAHA @ Martin,Mi that weekend….6.23/171…In a league all their own….

  2. BTW….I believe they were running a 1000′ track there. Not a 1/4 mile like was stated in the article………

  3. This is 1000ft racing, as stated in the video.
    This cat is stock motor, stock chassis, modified stock turbo with stock intercooler and charge tubes. Not meant to compete with outlaw sleds, such as the Smith/Mott machine or the Green hornet.


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