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Gold Medal Weekend for Team Arctic at X Games and in Oslo (Minn.)

Ryan Simons led Team Arctic at the Oslo xc. Photo by

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Tucker Hibbert Six-Peats at ESPN X Games; Ryan Simons Sweeps Oslo Cross-Country

Thief River Falls, Minn. (Jan. 28, 2013) – It was a gold-medal weekend for Team Arctic Racing, with emphatic wins by Tucker Hibbert at the ESPN X Games and another dominating performance by the team in USXC cross-country.

Hibbert’s historic seventh gold was also his sixth in a row, the first X Games athlete to achieve this feat. When the then-15-year-old catapult himself into the world spotlight by winning his first X Games gold in the year 2000, it was clear that Hibbert was destined for further snocross greatness. Including his seven gold medals, Hibbert has won 11 medals in his X Games career.

Tucker Hibbert six-peats at the ESPN X Games (photo by John Hanson)

Team Arctic racers Derek Ellis and Logan Christian earned eighth and 14th finishes in the Snocross final; Cory Davis took a silver medal in Speed & Style, a fourth in Best Trick and fifth in Freestyle; and Chris Heppding scored seventh in Snocross Adaptive.

For the first time this season in the USXC cross-country circuit, racers moved off of the lakes and onto ditch and river at the Oslo Merchants 100 in Oslo, Minn. The racers and their Arctic Cat Sno Pro 600 and Sno Pro 500 machines proved equally dominant in the rough conditions, scoring wins in 17 of 20 classes including eight podium sweeps.

For the second time this season, Team Arctic Cat/Christian Brothers Racing champion Ryan Simons swept the Pro 600 and Pro Open classes at a single event, with his teammates Zach Herfindahl and Brian Dick taking second and third in the stock final. With help from pro teammates Wes Selby and Cody Kallock, Team Arctic took five of the top-10 places in both Pro events.

“It was another great weekend for Team Arctic,” commented Race Manager Mike Kloety. “Tucker’s dominant performance at the X Games highlights the effort he and his team put into that event. And our success at the Oslo cross-country proves that our ProCross sleds are every bit as dominant in the rough stuff as they are on the lakes.”

The next national events for Team Arctic are the ISOC snocross race in Deadwood, S.D., Feb. 1-2, and the USXC I-500 in Thief River Falls Feb. 7-9.


Tucker Hibbert six-peats at the ESPN X Games (photo by John Hanson)

Team Arctic Race Results from the Oslo Merchants 100 in Oslo, Minn.

Pro 600

1. Ryan Simons

2. Zach Herfindahl

3. Brian Dick


Pro Open

1. Ryan Simons


Semi Pro 600

1. Nathan Moritz

3. Tyler Johnsrud


Semi Pro Open

2. Timmy Kallock


Expert 85

1. Cole Lian

2. Chad Dyrdahl

3. Lance Efteland


Expert 85 Improved

1. Benjamin Langaas

2. Chad Dyrdahl

3. Cole Lian


Masters 40

1. Jon Arneson

3. Steve Arneson


Masters 50 Plus

1. Don Rogers

2. Todd Hoyhtya


Sport 85

1. Wyatt Alby

2. Nathan Sillerud

3. Ross Engelstad


Sport 600

1. Garrett Johnson

2. Brandon Brodehl


Sport 600 Improved

1. Garth Reinking

3. Nathan Peters



3. Nathan Sillerud


Vintage 50 Plus

1. Gerry Mattison


Classic IFS

1. Brad Naplin

3. Tom Kallock



1. Jolene Bute


Junior 10-13

1. John Langaas

2. Ean Voigt

3. Thomas Junglen


Junior 14-17

1. Cody Chubaty

2. Nathan Sillerud

3. Austin Reinertson


Jr. Girls 10-15

1. Mayce Brodehl

2. Cecily Nordstrom

3. Marissa Kallock


Jr. Girls 16-17

1. Callie Slominski

2. Kelsey Pladson



  1. X-Country is starting to resemble the old days of the ZR when Cat won everything! Great to see!

    Also, congrats to Tucker. There is a pro class and then theres Tucker who looks like hes in a pro’s pro class (alone). ESPN said what all of us sled heads already knew, Tucker is the most prepared racer out there. So smooooth.

  2. Damn straight! As I told the neighbors kid that came to the cookout, this ain’t the hood and you ain’t tough enough to be a gangsta, get you butt home and get a cap that fits or go hungry.

  3. They should hold a sled race where the straight brim guys races a curved brim guy. The curved brim will win every time because the wind won’t blow it off his noggin’! Ironic because Tucker is fast…..his hat style not so much. Tucker should make a new hat brand called SledGangsta. But then again if he keeps winning us AC faithfull would not care if he wore a coon hat with an arrow stuck in it!

  4. When it comes to Tucker, that’s about the only thing that anyone can criticize him about !!

    How geeky were the bell bottom pants that people wore years ago ??

    As JimR says —who cares.

    For me, it is just another sign of the times.

    Can’t wait till Tucker is inducted into the snowmobile hall of fame.

  5. I’m not going to say a word about hats!It was way cool to see Tucker get his 6th gold in a row! Ryan Simons had an awesome weekend and should be congratulated as well.Sledracer has released a video he is crazy fast in those ditches.Great job guys!!


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