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Guess Which Sleds Cat Will Reveal at Hay Days Contest

Arctic Cat sled reveal at Hay Days 2014

Arctic Cat sent an email blast with the above information.

Two new sleds will be revealed at Hay Days!

So let’s have a quick contest: Guess The New Arctic Cat Sleds!

A special care package to the winner!



  1. Sno Pro racer and a 600 in a long track form. If the pics are accurate probably a RR 600 though with the long track but to be HONEST would love to see an Indy fighter with the 600 motor I.E as in an affordable sled instead of a nice used car that can only be used 3-4 months a year cost wise.

  2. I don’t see an expanded release of the new CTech engine making sense right now. Keeping it limited to the ZR6000 makes more sense.

    A Yamaha powered M7000 and the new race sled. If it is an M7000 my question is whether or not it would be boosted. Yamaha offered that as a factory add on option a couple years ago so the R&D and testing is already there for that engine.

  3. I don’t see an expanded release of the new CTech engine making sense right now. Keeping it limited to the ZR6000 makes more sense.

    A Yamaha powered M7000 and the new race sled. If it is an M7000 my question is whether or not it would be boosted. Yamaha offered that as a factory add on option a couple years ago so the R&D and testing is already there for that engine. It’s probably at least a year or two out for AC.

  4. An entry level, light weight sled between 250 and 340cc’s that children or new riders could learn to ride on at a reasonable price.

  5. My prediction:

    Mountain sled will be a New yamaha engine. 4 Stroke likely small displacement. Could be a twin(two 450’s morphed together). Turboed or supercharged for 180+ hp. Dry weight under 500lbs. A real winner and something totally underheard of in the mountain 4 stroke game.

    The short tracker will be more of the same. Same engine as above. 180+ hp. Two stroke type wieght. Likely labeled the “Thundercat”.

  6. Sorry Derek but the only motor Cat will get from Yami is the 7000 series. No other engines are going to be shared. Cat is moving away from 4 strokes in my hopefull opinion as they do not belong in sleds. To heavy and complex and expensive to rebuild. Two Strokes is where it is at.

  7. JimR,
    Huh, wha…..? When do you need to rebuild a 4-stroke? The 1st scheduled valve change for a Yamaha 4-stroke isn’t until 25,000 miles! They are based off street bike technology which means the engine will outlast the chassis as long as the owner keeps oil in it. The sled motors aren’t the F1 based, new style, dirt bike motocross motors that have a bad reputation for dependability and long term reliability. Yamaha customers have put 50,000 miles on the three cylinder Vectors which share design with the Nytro motor in the new Cat. The Cat 1100’s also have a very good reputation for long term reliability.

    As far as complexity, the new 2-strokes are just as complex with all the electronics and sophisticated injection systems. Than, to top it off, they are still a 2-stroke and will need a top end at 3,000-5,000 miles. Maybe, just maybe a guy that just does slow trail rides could push 10,000 miles but he’d be on borrowed time.

    If they can get the weight down on the 4-strokes they are the wave of the future.

  8. If you blow up a four stroke (it happens more often than you think) you are in for a mind blowing expensive rebuild. I just did a top end on my older sled a 2002 ZL 600 and it was under $500.00 for everything, Pistons, rings gaskets, the whole nine yards. This was after 7500 miles of abuse and the old pistons still looked great. Weight alone will keep me away from four strokes and now that cat is building there own sled engines, guess what? Two strokes. Himmm? Four strokes are the wave of the past in my eyes. Just my opinion but it seems to gel with Cat’s.

  9. one sled is called zr 6000 r cc other model same sled is zr6000 r sx check on page 80 on new cat acc. book under springs I do not know about the other sled yet

  10. JimR how many top end rebuilds have you done to that zl? Seems like you do one a year.
    If you think there is no future for four strokes in snowmobiles you are sorely mistaken.
    You will see a blend of two and four strokes with some smaller twin turbo or super charged machines dropping weight and maintaining performance at any elevation.

  11. [quote]one sled is called zr 6000 r cc other model same sled is zr6000 r sx check on page 80 on new cat acc. book under springs I do not know about the other sled yet [/quote]

    R is for race, CC is for Cross Country, SX is for Snow X. both are the race sled just with different set-ups for the discipline they run in.

    only a little more than 2 days to go…

    Any one consider the picture may have nothing to do with the sleds being released?

  12. Captain. I have done one. My point was the cost is Cheap! Krom. I would think that but there is also a picture of a true sled handle bar set up on Cats website that shows the Mountain bar set up so I would say the picture is accurate.

  13. They’ve released teaser photos on their instagram , My guess is the race sled (I know they’re releasing it at haydays and its a zr6000sx/xc as krom stated) and the other would be a M7000 would be my guess..

  14. Well if the silhouette pics are any indication, I say the new ZR6000 SnoPro Racer SX or CC and the long track is going to be the HCR (Hill Climb Racer)

  15. 4 strokes do blow up & your wallet will take a “mind blowing” hit like jimr says… my guess is a m6000 & a next gen snopro 500.

  16. What planet do you guys live on? The modern 4-strokes are hands down more reliable than any of the modern 2-strokes. If a 4-stroke is going to blow it will do it soon after purchase and be covered under warranty due to a rare manufacturing defect. If one lets go after than it is likely caused by the owner not checking and maintaining his oil level. There were cases where the Nytro motor let go due to the oil filter getting a hole rubbed into it from a bashed in skid plate. That’s not due to a engine flaw. Racer’s have blown them up but then they blow everything up, that’s racing.

    You guys name no specific examples just make an blanket statement about 4-strokes which is false. Funny how you don’t make mention of the 1000’s of internet threads of 2-stroke owners complaining about their brand X engine letting go. All a guy has to do is count the number of posts between 2 and 4 stroke engine problems and the truth is right there on their screen.

  17. AK: Two reasons why a vast majority of sledders prefer two strokes to four strokes. Weight and the need for a Battery. Couple more are having to change oil on it every year which for some riders ends up making it more expensive to own and operate on a yearly basis than it does a simple add oil, gas and go two stroke. I usuallly sell a sled when it gets around 4000 miles on it and I have no interst in a heavy sled which requires a Freaking Battery that more than likely will have to be replaced every year at over $100.00 a pop. Two strokes are just BETTER! My opinion of course. Wonder why Cat is now making there own engines to be Two strokes for sleds? Hmmmmmmmm?

  18. Jimr, seriously changing the oil once per year is your argument? How much does a gallon of the new cat oil or even etec oil cost these days and you will go thru several of them in a year. Guys running etec outboards go thru $100 in oil a weekend when they are new! I spend less than that on an entire oil change in my 4 stroke outboard which is done once per year.
    At best that new cat oil will be $30 per gallon. Go through 4 gallons per year and where is all this savings?

  19. Captain. Ctech 2 oil can be bought for under $50.00 a gallon. Most riders will get 1000 miles out of a gallon of oil at 65 or better to 1. Oil changes at the dealer cost well over $150.00 around my parts. I dont change oil on anything but my go to work car anymore as no place to get rid of the used oil and I am done dealing with the mess. Throw in that if you are lucky every other year battery replacement and another $100.00 plus down the proverbial drain.

  20. I forgot to add that when new you will more than likely have two oil changes on that four stroke pig in the first year so double the cost in the first year. Two strokes rule. You just cant handle the truth I guess.

  21. The oil change argument is weak and has nothing to do with the lack of reliability you claimed the 4-strokes experienced. When I had my two different 4-stroke sleds I changed my own oil. It was no different than my truck, quads, motorcycles, lawn mower, etc. Three whole quarts of synthetic crankcase oil from Yamaha wasn’t a break the bank purchase. Buy a case of Mobil 1 from Costco and save some money. You failed to mention how much more fuel efficient the 4-strokes were and are plus no plugs to buy. They also ran on less expensive 87 octane gas which was nice.

    Weight, yeah, thats a huge issue and they are heavier. Two stroke beats them out in that category hands down. But, 10-15 years from now, what sled is still going to be running down the trail with all of its original engine components? The 4-stroke.

  22. The fact is AK that the sled will not last as long as the engine and 95% of the time I have a new one before I hit 4000 miles. Never will own a 4 stroke sled. You also can run 87 in both Cats 800 and the new 600 at a slightly reduced performance. Big deal. Minnesota does have this 50 mph speed limit so why would I want anything bigger than a 600 motor. Two stroke again of course. Insurance alone as my company goes off of CC’s further solidify’s it for me

  23. Since the sleds have replaced the H-D’s on our showroom floors, NOT ONE customer has mentioned looking forward to owning a crossbreed.

    Instead, they’re looking seriously at a Polaris (in the event they don’t buy a Cat).

  24. Same here rusty, but the yamahaha dealers are loving it, the 3 around here snow-checked more vipers this year than they sold in a long time

  25. JimR do you replace the battery in your car every other year?
    I have 6 years on my ATV battery and I use it year around. No issues yet.
    No place to take waste oil? That’s bs. I can see not wanting to deal with the mess but what do you do with your chain case? You have to change that annually where do you put that? In your garden?
    There are places that take waste oil everywhere you are just using that to try and support your argument.

  26. I have gone through three batteries on my wheeler alone in 5 years. 7 batteries the last 4 years for all my vehicles. 8 oz. Of chain case oil is vastly easier to get rid of and I change that every other year. I hate buying batteries and will never own an over weight battery needing four stroke. Cat answered my need when they started building what? Oh yeah. Two strokes.

  27. Thanks Trev’.

    I love the battery life debate. Apples vs oranges. Lol.

    Use your sled battery “year round” like many Atv batteries are and that little nemesis “SULFATION” will not have much (if any) effect on how badly the batterys lead plates erode (thereby “severely shortening”) BATTERY LIFE.

    Sulfations enemy is HEAT,, which is a “regular” in batteries being used on consistant basis. ‘Nuff said.

    Thats why folks everyday driver autos have such a stellar record on battery life vs sleds (usually used 3-4 months straight, then parked and forgotten). The “heat” is constantly happening with every cold start and charging systems amperge flowing back in upon driving rpms charging rates.

    So in reality, thats not fault of battery or sleds,, its owners faults for not performing proper maintenance.

  28. I use battery tenders and pull out batteries in everything that is not used in the winter and store them in my basement. Batteries SUCK! Getting worse every year. Interstate of all things I am lucky to get year out of. Done with the argument. I will NEVER own a FOUR STROKE SLED or any sled with electric start for that matter. God I love Battery-less EFI and light weight.

  29. Wow, I’m on the original battery in my ’07 450 Grizzly with no issues. Same goes for the original battery in my kid’s ’06 Grizzly 80. I pull my batteries out in the off season, store them inside and occasionally charge them on a desulfating charger. I do this with all my batteries.

    Don’t buy a 4-stroke, no one cares. But, don’t put them down because of your bad experiences with batteries.

    I really hope you are not pouring your chaincase oil down the storm water drain in front of your house. Just let the dealer do all your service work. You should probably store your sled there to. I wouldn’t be surprised to see your next post complaining that mice keep building nests in your air box because they are more attracted to the sweet smelling oil in the new 2-strokes.

  30. Two Strokes Rule AK. I don’t throw money away and only work my dealer gets is warranty work. I dump my waste oil at your mothers place BTW. Four strokes SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Battery “Tenders” are a f’ing joke Jimbo!

    Like AK said, using a Higher Amp charger occasionally during storage in warm conditions will keep Sulfation to an absolute minimum.

    Live and learn dude. I prefer 2-stroke engines as well btw.


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