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Happy New Year – A Quick Thank You

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you all for following ArcticInsider in 2020! Ive enjoyed hearing from all of you, whether that’s via social media comments, comments here, or emails. Please keep commenting for 2021…I enjoy reading all of them and try to respond in a timely manner.

Here are a couple of my 2020 Highlights. Post yours in the COMMENT section:

The 2020 Blast Models

Arctic Cat introduced the 2021 Blast 4000 in three models. This right-sized snowmobile excited me at the launch and continues to excite me as Im stacking up miles on it with our new snow. The stigma, “Its a kids sled” is shed by anyone who throws a leg over this unit and walks away with a smile on their face. Ill continue to share info on the Blast this season.

The COVID sales surge started with Offroad products and has continued with Snow

COVID Sales Surge – It wouldnt be 2020 if you didnt mention The Rona. Starting this Spring, sales in the offroad market surged as families searched out opportunities to spend time outdoors. Im happy dealers cleared out their dirt inventory and had a truly successful selling year…which has continued with snowmobiles. It also makes me happy to see new families entering, or re-entering, powersports. I hope they stick around. The high demand, lack of inventory, and higher prices for available units also reminds me that Snowmageddon Spring Order programs finally make sense if you truly want the best deal. Ill definitely be getting in on that for Model Year 22!

Rob Kincaid 103 passed away in an avalanche this Spring

Rob Kincaid 103 Passing – There are some moments you don’t forget, ones highlighted in time. One of those for me in 2020 was receiving the news of Rob Kincaid’s passing in the wake of an avalanche this spring. I personally believe God has our number – when its time, its time. That passing may not make sense, but Rob’s opened alot of eyes for those of us who have ridden in the backcountry, or aspire to – No matter how well trained you are, riding in the mountains is serious. Get trained, buy the proper safety equipment, and know before you go, are all lessons we can learn and improve upon. Make sure to get in on the Rob Kincaid Tribute M8000 Alpha giveaway and support AIRIE’s avalanche awareness program.

DeWald Racing had a superb 2020 race season

Team Arctic Racing – I was happy to see Team Arctic’s snow race success this year (snocross, cross-country, oval etc) and equally pleased to see Team Arctic’s offroad racing success continue this summer with the Team Arctic/Speedwerx/Wildcat XX team. Like so many of you, I equally enjoyed seeing the launch of three new race sleds and Arctic Cat’s commitment to racing. Racing IMO is one of the best marketing tools, and product development tools for a company like AC. I wish Team Green the best as they get ready to drop the flag in a few days at ERX Motorpark for the first Snocross National.

Thanks for reading…share a couple of your 2020 Highlights in the Comments section.




  1. Hi Kale – I also hope to spring order a 2022 sled . . . any word on 60th anniversary graphics or models? (EL TIGRE!!!) I know some are wanting a chassis upgrade, but I hope they hold the line w/the Procross for at least one more year . . . I am getting too old (and poor!) to help with R&D . . . I am much more into R&R now (ha ha). Keep up the good work . . .

    Also . . . how did the Blast models sell this year? Am very curious as to how the longer-term reviews look. Thanks for keeping us up to date as you ride yours.

  2. Just watched the Arctic Cat 50th anniversary video. Hopefully the passion continues and we will see some much needed improvements in the ****pit with navigation and ride programs other manufactures have brought to market.

  3. Hi Kale,

    Happy New Year. I sure hope their is some big changes to the Procross or a new chassis as I am sick of reading how far behind CAT from the other OEM’s on the forms. Hope 2022 brings new changes that will swing buyers away from Polaris and DOO. A 880 twin with updated chassis and rear skid. Marketing is key here. Textron has no more excuses. The inventory is depleted…


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