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Has Bosscat IV Been Found?

If you are able to get over to the ArcticInsider Facebook page, check out a video of myself and Tom at Thomas Sno Sports pulling out a Bosscat-esque V8-Powered Dragster Twin-track Snowmobile. This was a great day, and a bigger pleasure hearing the back history from the family on this unit.

Who wouldn't want a V8-powered twin-track dragster snowmobile?

The video shows the dragster being pulled from a barn…the first time seeing daylight since 1998. I look forward to sharing more information on this unique build in the coming weeks. Until then, enjoy the teasers.



  1. The sled in the Champion ad is the original gas turbine-powered Boss Cat that Dale Cormican piloted (it exploded at the starting line injuring Dale).
    The Boss Cat II was powered by a Chevy V-8.
    The Boss Cat III was powered by (4) EXT 650 cc engines.

    Don’t believe that Cat ever produced a Boss Cat IV.

  2. Ummm, no that is not the Boss Cat of any in series. It is the 1979 El Tigre hood attached to the rest of the body, Engine clearly an automotive and the blue we can see is a Ford. Pipes are custom made, body looks like a mesh up of the El Tigre and others. Looks more like a movie prop rather than smooth body snowmobile for a drag racing. It has not seen the light since 1998. If that was the case, if they actually did race before. Clearly why did not anyone hear about this in 1990s or even 1980s? I studied all snowmobile designs that were around since earliest snowmobile in 1900s. Yes, 120 years ago. I even wrote an e-book on snowmobile design history (limited published)

  3. Clearly, a master of marketing knows how to get our attention without giving away too much. I look forward to details.

  4. This is a HOAX!! There was NO Bosscat IV! It doesn’t even look like that same body in the picture. There’s NO WAY this is a Bosscat! ITS PROBABLY NOT EVEN ARCTIC CAT POWERED! This kind of content is Dishonest! I’m DONE with ArcticInsider!

  5. Im literally Laughing out Loud. See ya SledSnob.

    I wouldn’t consider this dishonest, because I never said it was BossCat IV. There is/was no such thing. The back story on this dragster is cool though. One Ill share next week.


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