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Building ArcticInsider’s Version of the GrassCat

In 1971, Arctic Cat purchased lawn and garden manufacturer General Leisure. Their line of lawn mowers and tractors were rebranded “Grass Cat” and “Lawn Lion” as part of the effort to break into a utility, non-recreational market.

Arctic Cat tried to break in to the utility non-recreational market in 1971 with the GrassCat 

Since a tender age I’ve been attracted to lawn tractors, and lawn maintenance. Owning a purple Grass Cat has been on my bucket list, and I can now say I’ve scratched it off after purchasing one at the Gearhead Get-Together in Maple Lake, MN last summer. 

The GrassCat logo has always captured my imagination. If anyone knows who designed it, please Comment

With a small pocketful of cash, a mild 3:2 buzz and a moment of weakness, my son and I walked by this (72/73 Deluxe?) in the swap and did what most would…pay too much. 

“Just buy it dad. We can get it running” was about all I had to hear. (sigh)

Sans mower deck, I was pretty excited to purchase a fairly complete original GrassCat

After getting the Grass Cat home, the slightest buyers remorse set in after further inspection of really rusted pullies, lifeless 8hp engine, flattened tires, leaking rear diff and years of neglect from sitting outside for many, many years.

There was enough purple paint left to be cool 

The remorse worsened as my son and I started tearing the unit down to “restore” back to running condition. I kept telling myself, “don’t worry about the money, this is a fun project to work on with your son” meanwhile thinking about how hard it was to find replacement parts for those that I was destroying.

The remorse was too much to handle and I pulled the plug after watching a fully restored Grass Cat on Craigslist drop feverishly in price from $750 to $350. Where was that a couple weeks previous? (deflated sigh)

After pushing the pile of Grass Cat parts to the corner of the garage, I decided to take the project in a different, non-running direction – Why not build a swap meet tow wagon?

I disassembled my daughters tow wagon, crafted a new wooden chassis (reduced weight) and bolted on the bones of the disassembled GrassCat bodywork

Im pretty ok with the near end result. I disassembled my daughters wagon (It wasn’t being used and free), scavenged the wheels and axle assemblies and bolted to a new wooden chassis which reduced weight over the steel version by nearly 30lbs.

I gave the bodywork a good wet sanding and a quick coat of wax to bring out any remaining purple shine

The bodywork was pretty rusty and the bed and fenders had been given a black spray bomb paint job at some point. Having nothing to lose, I wet sanded all the body work, removed most of the black spray paint and then followed up with a quick wax to bring out the remaining purple paint.

Despite sitting out most of its life, the dashboard graphics still remained pretty intact.

God Bless America and a time when a guy needed a cigarette lighter on his lawn tractor…I wonder how many Pall Mall cigarettes this Deluxe got per acre? And in true ArcticInsider fashion, this GrassCat is also Disengaged.

Added a little storage box from a 77 Jag snowmobile

The original metal console panel was missing when I purchased, so I added a little storage box I had from a 78-ish Jag snowmobile.

I always admired the GrassCat and their functional bed with tailgate

Speaking of storage…I always admired the GrassCat and Arctic Cat’s foresight to add a small, functional bed with tailgate behind the seat.

This GrassCat is tiny. To think this was the top of the line Deluxe with 8hp in 1972/73

8hp and 36-inch width cut…this was considered the top of the line Deluxe model in 1972/73 and its tiny! When did things get so big? OR why were things so small then?


For now, this ol girl is going up on the garage shelf until next spring.  My intent is to mount some form of beverage cooler underhood yet and get the original steering wheel remounted. If you have any suggestions short of adding a HEMI or fixing the cigarette lighter, let me know in the comments.



  1. Great job! Very creative!
    And easier on the pocket book than a full resto.
    Bring it to haydays and Princeton next year, and You’ll be the envy of all the swappers,
    Very cool!

  2. Way cool! Good idea, too! I’d say put a Vexilar battery in the Jag tool box and wire the headlights to it…for night swapping lol.

  3. This gets my mind going. Ive got a Grass Cat carcass in back of the shop. May have to build one of these. Was my dads and it probably smoked a half pack of Marlboros per acre!

  4. It’d be cool to put a fan cooled 340/440 in one. Why not? Do some mower racing with it AC style. They have mower racing at Princeton on Saturday


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