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Hibbert (and helmets) Ready for the World

Tucker's Team USA Helmets

After posting a solid three-week block of testing, includingpracticing with Logan Christian on the Christian Bros. Racing track in Fertile, Minn., for much of last week, Tucker Hibbert is on his way to Sweden for the FIM Snocross World Championships where he’ll wear one of these two USA-themed helmets during his attempt to become World Champ.

(Personally, I think when you win all but one Pro class that you enter for the season, racing against most of the best racers in the world, that you already ARE World Champ, but what the heck?!)

For those of you who aren’t going to Sweden to catch the race action and hang with the bikini team, you can watch all of the action LIVE and FREE at! The race times are listed EST so make sure to adjust the time to your time zone.

According to Tucker, his sled passed customs and is en route to the shop we he and his crew (Kirk Hibbert, Mandi Hibbert and Rob Dahlen) will be based.

On Sunday, his last day at home before crossing the big pond, Hibbert grabbed a ride on his mountain bike.

Tucker Hibbert preparing for Sweden and Buck Hill

All season long, I’ve tried in vain to get Tucker to talk in the third-person while being interviewed post-race. He keeps refusing, knowing full well how dorky it sounds when racers do that. But now that he’ll be in Sweden, where much will be lost in translation, I wonder if he’ll give this fan just ONE third-person reference?

Will he play the joke and talk in the third-person?

Either way, we wish Tucker the best of luck this coming weekend. Bring home a World Championship title!

UPDATED: Race Schedule


Broadcast Schedule and Event Details

Sweden | Saturday, March 27 

Watch LIVE on | all times EST


QUALIFYING RACES | 5:00 a.m. – 6:00 a.m. EST

There will be two qualifying races of ten minutes, plus two laps.  The top-eight riders in each qualifying race will transfer directly to the World Championship Races. Riders finishing in positions 9-21 will go to the Last Chance Qualifying Practice.  The remaining riders are eliminated.                           


The Last Chance Qualifying Practice will be 15 minutes. The fastest four riders will transfer to the World Championship Races. Riders finishing fifth and sixth will be alternates for the World Championship Races. The remaining riders are eliminated but will participate in the B Races.

                                B Races: Each heat will be eight minutes, plus two laps.

                                HEAT 1                  8:00 a.m.

                                HEAT 2                  9:25 a.m.

WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP RACES | 7:30 a.m. – 10:15 a.m. EST

Each World Championship race will be 15 minutes, plus two laps. Each rider is awarded points per race determined by their finishing position. The rider with the most points after all three races will be named the 2010 FIM Snowcross World Champion.  

                        RACE 1                 7:30 a.m. – 7:50 a.m.

                                RACE 2                 8:30 a.m. – 8:50 a.m.         

                                RACE 3                 9:55 a.m. – 10: 15 a.m.



  1. Good Luck Tucker! But for the sake of Arctic Cat fans here, I wish you would have spent three solid weeks racing the rest of the ISOC series to win a championship IN the U.S.

  2. Obviously it´s more important to race in Sweden and try to become the first american ever to be titled world champion than finishing the ISOC series?! As a swede I can only wish him good luck. For sure, it´s going to be a heck of a race in Malå..

  3. I went to the freecaster tv website but cannot find any schedule, or anything regarding the world snowmobile championship in Sweden. Can someone direct me on how to find out what time it will air?.What day and what time e.s.t.?……thanks,mike

  4. GnarlySwede……..It isn’t OBVIOUS at all seeing that the 2 BEST sno crossers in the world,Blair Morgan and Tucker Hibbert , never found it important enough to race there. In fact, the United States has never entered an “A’ racer/sled in this race before. ………just my opinion

  5. JGould – I too wish Tucker would have finished out the ISOC series, but on some levels Im excited to see him expand his boundaries and race in Sweden. Hopefully he’ll expand those boundaries even further and try racing cross country next year!!!

  6. Hibbert, Bender, Davis and Bauerly are in my opinion “A-racers” since they are Pro-riders. This race will not only get us a new world champion (Emil Öhman won 2008, Peter Ericsson is the current champion), it´s also a race between the nations. Anyway, it´s going to be very interesting to see the best of “two worlds” compete. Even though it will probably be a race between Sweden/Finland/Norway and the US there are also drivers from Russia, Iceland and Italy. Will it be the first time EVER that an american takes the win?

  7. I guess you need to read my post again as you seem to not have understood it…your quote was “Obviously it’s more important to race in Sweden and try to become the first American to be titled world champion”. My reply is that you’re OBVIOUSLY mistaken as BEFORE this year North America has never found it important enough to send any A list racers to the world championship. Tucker didn’t go there the past 2 years after he left sno-cross. Neither did Blair Morgan or any other A list riders. This year it should hopefully bring back a world championship but some of our racers are not participating. I’m all for our guys but let’s not forget that the North Americans have never sent A listers before this year……..Go TUCKER!

  8. According to Tuckers website the link will be posted in the morning on freecaster. Hopefully it is there, should be fun to watch. Good luck T Train and bring it home.

  9. Guess what? It’s 5:16 am eastern standard time and there’s nothing regarding snowmobile races on the Freecaster TV site…………..

  10. I found/find nothing either. Thought for a while maybe it was tape-delayed or something, but now I’m just throwing in the towel. Maybe they’ll have it on video at some later date? Bummer. Sorry folks, my international source confirmed this was going to play live on freecaster.

  11. Hibbert won with 72 points. Second went to Lidman(Swede) with 56 points and third went to Cory Davis with 52 points. Fourth went to Emil Ohman with 49 points….. I guess this shows how good the USA sno-cross program can be in a World Championship environment when we send our ‘A’ list riders. This was done with a detuned motor(quiet exhaust and lesser grade fuel) and no studs, something our guys aren’t used to……………

  12. Hey “GnarlySwede”….Now I see why Tucker, being the nice guy he is, never raced the Europeans at their own World Championship before this year……IT JUST WASN’T FAIR TO THEM. How ’bout those Arctic Cats?

  13. Big congratulations to the new world champion, he and his team has really put up a great performance from the beginning to the end of this race. Especially impressed with the serious preparations (since february) before the race in order to cope with the different cir***stances we have here in Scandinavia. He is in a league of his own and deserves the victory like no one else right now.

  14. I wished we could have watched the race on freecaster. Regarding Tucker… let’s face it, the guy is simply amazing on a snowmobile. Thus, we must all continue to pressure him to race the I-500, because he’d love it and do well too. Regarding the Europeans… the best of those racers have always been world class. Toni Haikonen of course, Janne Tapio, Per Bergen, Emil Ohman and I’m sure others. I’d like to see Johan Lidman come over here and race, he must be fast too.


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