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Hibbert to Race in Sweden

Tucker Hibbert to Race FIM Snowcross World Championship in Sweden

Monster Energy/Arctic Cat’s Tucker Hibbert is proud to announce that he will represent the USA at the FIM Snowcross World Championship in Mala, Sweden March 27.  Hibbert hopes to become the first American rider in history to win the World Championship at his first attempt competing outside of North America. 

Hibbert recently finished his scheduled race season with nine national victories.  The season was highlighted by his 50th career win and fourth-consecutive gold medal at ESPN Winter X Games 14.  He made the decision to race the World Championship the beginning of February and is not something he has taken lightly.  Unlike the national series he competes in, the World Championship has sound and fuel restrictions and does not allow the use of traction products.  These restrictions have forced him to change his sled set-up and riding style dramatically.  To properly prepare, he built a track at his home to resemble past World Championship courses.  He has pounded out countless laps and implemented different riding techniques that he believes are crucial to being competitive on a European style track.

The FIM Snowcross World Championship will take place at a ski hill in northern Sweden and will feature three 15-minute races with an overall score crowning the World Champion.  The highest an American rider has finished in the past is fourth overall.  For the first time in the event’s 11-year history, it will also feature an national team challenge.  Hibbert’s score, along with two other rider’s scores from the USA, will count towards the national team title. 

Stay posted to and the Tucker Hibbert Official Facebook Page for up-to-date information on Hibbert’s first experience traveling and racing overseas.  The event will be broadcasted live on


Tucker Hibbert – #68 Monster Energy/Arctic Cat

“I’m honored by the opportunity to represent the United States at the World Championship.  I’ve never traveled overseas so to prepare for this race has been a completely new experience for me.  I guess this is my Olympics.  I always go into a race focused on winning but now I feel an obligation to win for my country.  

I’m confident that we (the team) have done our homework and are prepared to win.  We’ve spent countless hours testing and tuning my Monster Energy/Arctic Cat.  We’ve learned a lot but are still at a disadvantage because we’ve never raced there.  My dad raced in Finland at one point in his career and he was in Sweden a couple years ago, so he has some insight on what to expect.  We’ll give it our all and hope for the best!”




  1. World Championship and Snowcross of Nations all wrapped up in one race…. Cool!
    Best of luck to Tucker on this race. Who are the other US riders?

  2. 1. Tucker Hibbert, USA, 72 poäng VÄRLDSMÄSTARE 2010
    2. Johan Lidman, Sverige, 56 p
    3. Cory Davis, USA, 52 p
    4. Emil Öhman, Sverige, 49 p
    5. Johan Dahlgren, Sverige, 45 p
    6. Janne Jurvelin, Finland, 45 p
    7. Jussi Honka, Finland, 44 p
    8. Marus Evensson, Sverige 44 p
    9. Iskoa Näkkäläjärvi, Finland 39 p
    10. Dan Lang, Sverige, 36 p
    11. Petter Nårsa, Sverige, 30 p’
    12. Hannu Toppala, Finland, 29 p
    13. Fredrik Granberg, Sverige, 20 p
    14. Ståle Eggen, Norge, 18 p
    15. Jostein Biti, Norge, 16 p
    16. Magnus Lindbäck, Norge, 14 p
    17. Alessandro Ploner, Italien, 14 p
    18. Brett Bender, USA, 12 p
    19. Kristoffer Holm, Norge, 11 p
    20. Adam Renheim, Sverige, 9 p
    21. Christer De Wall, Sverige, 5 p
    22. Viktor Stenman, Sverige, 3 p


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