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Hibbert’s Soon-to-be-Mod Motors

Tucker Hibbert's soon-to-be 2010 Mod Motors

Friday, Oct. 23, 2010. Inside of the Hibbert race shop. Two 600 stock engines pulled from their respective chassis, to be shipped to Speedwerx for the full-on horsepower squeeze.

The engine in the background is for Tucker’s Mod sled he’ll race at every event this season EXCEPT the ESPN X Games. The note attached to it reads: “Deliver to Speedwerx. Please make fast.”

The engine in the foreground is for his X Games sled which, as in previous years, is a dedicated sled that will see track time only at the X Games. Its note says: “Deliver to Speedwerx. Please make VERY fast.”

I’m guessing that Speedwerx will massage every last hp out of these babies, even without Tucker’s specific request. But it sure never hurts to ask!



  1. The big race opener is a month away….Speedwerx must have a pretty good turn around on modding motors…..Is ISOC/Spirit Mountain making the track, yet? Have the temps been cold enough in the Duluth area to make snow? GO 68!

  2. So can we take this: “The engine in the background is for Tucker’s Mod sled he’ll race at every event this season EXCEPT the ESPN X Games.” to mean Tucker is racing the entire ISOC season?

  3. Not sure if Tucker has yet finalized his race schedule for this season, so I’m speculating here. But I don’t believe he’s racing the entire snocross schedule. Sorry I wasn’t clear above, perhaps it should read “…he’ll race at every event on his schedule except the X Games.”

  4. That’s some stiff language! You will need to hold your own cillosion insurance from the sound of things. Have you properly licensed your sled? DMV might give you a break if you operate solely in a roadless area lol. Drivers agree to hold the Gin Gin 200 Organization, The Taiga Spring Break, their members, all race personnel, volunteers and sponsors harmless from any claim or demand based on any alleged action or inaction by the driver, his/her dogs, agents or others acting on his/her behalf. The driver also agrees to release the Gin Gin Organization, The Taiga Spring Break, participants, their members, race sponsors, volunteers, officials, agents and employees from any claim or demand resulting from injury to the driver, his/her dogs, or his/her property.

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