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Holy Crapeth! A Great Arctic Cat TV Commercial from 2007

I love this TV commercial from the 2007 for two reasons.

One, it delivered the outstanding line, “Holy Crapeth!”

And two, there’s a little-known fact that test rider Aaron Scheele nearly demolished the film set because of my stupid suggestion.

Here’s the story:

Prior to filming, Arctic Cat’s ad agency Periscope knew they wanted a scene in which the rider and sled motor into the castle room then pitch the sled sideways.

Periscope wasn’t exactly sure how they could create such a slide because it had to take place on a tile floor AND they wanted it to look authentic.

They called me asking for suggestions.

My hair-brained idea was to coat the floor with soapy water, in order to make it slippery enough to pitch sideways. Hmmm…

Against Scheele’s better judgement, the crew did just that.

So… during the first take, Scheele came riding in, grabbed the brake just as he hit the soapy floor, and then all hell broke loose! He TOTALLY pitched it sideways in an outta-control-slide that went way further than anyone planned. He nearly destroyed the film set!

Hahahahaha! (Sorry Aaron.)

For some reason that was the last time Periscope asked me for ideas on how to film any more Arctic Cat commercials.



  1. LMAO, John that was a funny story on an even funnier comerical. Cool that Aaron was at the controls. Must have hit 88 mph I see?!


  2. My absolute favorite Cat commercial – EVER!!
    (Holy crapeth is still a phrase used regularly in my home! Lol!)

    Thanks for sharing the video and the behind the scenes story!!

  3. This is what’s great about this site. Letting all us sledheads in on every facet of the snowmobile industry, including downright hilarious events like this!

  4. I’m glad you like it, Jonathan! I look forward to pncikig up a copy of the book at the Bridge City Book Release Party on Friday (and I’ll probably bring a few McConnells along with).

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