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How To: Hood & Side Panel Removal on New 2017 Plastic

How quick and easy is it to remove the side panels and hood on the new 2017 Arctic Cat 9000 Series (and 6000 RS Edition) snowmobiles? This easy!

Ignore my verbal mistake of calling the hood’s HALF-TURN fasteners, quarter-turn fasteners.

The hood and panel reinstall just as quickly and easily.

Thanks to Roger Skime and Larry Coltom for their help, and for not laughing at me.



  1. Looks good; really like the simplicity and ease of getting into the engine compartment.
    I’m sure this same basic design will transfer to more models next year but what I would like to know is how well sealed is the new plastic?
    Will it keep the snow out while busting drifts and such?
    Snow on clutches don’t mix well.

  2. About time I should not have to remove eight torx head screws to remove my hood on my 2015 ZR. Arctic pioneered the flip up hood on the 66 Panther.

  3. Old VS New is New Again: Reminds me of the time I was at a little vintage show, at winters end, about 6 years ago. I had the little ’79 Jag 340 that my daughter grass dragged there. We also trail rode the sled in winter so I kept the original hood cherry and then I worked up a heavily ventilated race hood with custom graphics for the grass season. I had that in my truck. For giggles I removed the trail hood and slapped on the race hood right in front of a bunch of new sled riders as they were walking along the show line, in about 3 minutes the entire hood was swapped. An older guy came up to me and exclaimed: ” I wish the new ones were that easy.” Nice to see they are doing exactly that again. Thanks for posting the video. Nicely done.


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