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When you are staring at your new Arctic Cat CATALYST snowmobile, at first glance you’ll probably scratch your head trying to figure out how to swap out your windshield because there are no visible screws or hardware to dismantle. It’s actually a pretty easy process, so no need to drop any premature F Bombs. This video should help you. If you are looking to purchase a low, medium or high height windshield, they are in stock now at dealers like Country Cat and Thomas Sno Sports. – Kale

You can see the difference between the stock low windshield and the high height version. In this photo, the windshields aren’t fully attached, but I AM going to run both of them. I like the look of the “ghosted” high windshield behind the replica low Hibbert shield. For those of you looking at adding handguards, my Arctic Cat Flex-Tec guards and mounts BARELY clearance the high windshield, and I would throw in the caveat that some may not clear depending on where you have your guards and risers positioned. (And for anyone who hasn’t seen this snowmobile build, the 2015 Hibbert Replica graphics wrap IS NOT for sale. This was a one-off build for Hay Days.)


  1. Thanks for the tip, Kale. I am sure many (lucky!) new Catalyst owners will be swapping windshields. I have said this before, but I am so pleased that Cat stuck with a simple design here. Why have a multiple (cobbled) piece windshield design when you don’t have too. All hail the Catalyst!!

  2. I think it’s interesting that there are only 4 fasteners for the windshield. But, they must not be needed – maybe that front faring takes the load off the base of the windshield.

    Kale – question on your hand guards: How’s the clearance when using the taller windshields? I kinda wanted them both, but guessed it might not work.

    • There are four screws (two in front and one on each side) that hold the windshield on. I can’t speak to the medium height shield, but there is some additional hardware to mount the tall windshield which I didn’t show in video. Instructions and hardware are included with the tall windshield. (Pretty easy install)

      I made mention in the photo caption that the Flex-Tec handguards actually clearance the high windshield. Ive edited my comment in the captions…my Flex-Tec guards BARELY clearance. FYI – Adding guards may not work depending on where you locate your bars, risers and mounts, and varying types of guards may affect clearance as well.

  3. remember when snowmobiles came with actual windshields straight from the factory?

    today you buy a $15k+ sled that comes with a speedometer cover and get to purchase the windshield it should have come with in the first place… in my opinion.

    that said the grown up windshield looks good ?

  4. From what I’m reading already having some issues. Sloppy wiring harness, pull cord running and front spindle issues. Really unbelievable with all the testing they have done. Hopefully it’s only rumors.

  5. FYI….picked up my Riot 600 a couple weeks ago and ordered a mid-height windshield and Flex-Tec Lite hand guards. I was pleased they cleared the windshield with room to spare.
    However, I wish I would have watched your video first. They really buried the two screws that remove the cowling that expose the windshield fasteners. Took a while to find them! Could use a little more clearance to get them out.
    They do have a creative way of securing the larger windshields for the additional two screws. Very impressive.
    Keep em’ coming Kale!


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