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How To Remove the Hood on 2012 Arctic Cat Turbo Snowmobiles

Removing the hood on a 2012 Arctic Cat Turbo (in the ProCross & ProClimb chassis) is a whole bunch easier if you follow the steps outlined in this short video.



  1. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the 2012’s and think they are some of the meanest looking sleds on snow, but why the hell can’t they make a hood that doesn’t require tools to get access to your engine?

    I agree with you artdcat…hood straps and hinges were the “good ‘ol days”

  2. And i thought my F-series was pushing the limits on trail side maintenance.. Im sure there is way you go put in hood straps. We do it on the race sleds.

  3. i thought the 08-12 sno pro was bad when it came out, but in reality its way better than this and probably has the best engine/clutch access for rider forward sleds period
    After so far spending 700 miles this year on a new sno-pro 500, this is by far the best chassis.


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