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Hunter Houle Memorial Foundation Go-Kart Racing Fundraiser

MB2 Raceway

If you’re like me, then you want to show Tucker Hibbert the fastest way around the track. You know, show him who’s the boss (and I don’t mean Ross).

And if you’re like me, you know there’s no possible means of doing this on snowmobiles. Nope. We need a situation where there’s some actual hope and possibility.

That situation is happening on Saturday, April 29 at the MB2 Raceway indoor go-kart race track in Fridley, Minnesota. There, beginning at Noon, the first Hunter Houle Memorial Foundation fundraiser will unfold with kids, adult-kids and delusional adult-kids who will rip around a sweet track while enjoying the friendship and fellowship of like-minded goofballs.

Best of all is that all the fun, racing and laughter will raise money for the foundation, which was created in the aftermath of Hunter’s death this past January while testing for the cross-country race season on Pine Lake.

Hunter Houle Memorial Foundation

The Hunter foundation is going to do all sorts of cool things with the money that it raises from this and future events, from helping racers in need, assisting with youth and more. The principles guiding the foundation will be Hunter’s endless passion for racing and helping others. It’s gut-wrenching that Hunter is gone. But there’s a soothing of my soul knowing that his spirit races on, and that a bunch of knuckleheads will be laughing like hyenas while stuffed into absurdly fun go-karts on the 29th.

It’s EXACTLY what Hunter would have wanted (in fact, racing go-karts at MB2 was exactly what Hunter and friends did on a regular basis).

In addition to racing, the event will include an auction with some really cool stuff (Minnesota Twins tickets for a game against the Red Sox and another against the Yankees; a one-hour floatplane ride in the Brainerd (Minn.) Lakes area; a day of fishing on Lake Minnetonka (also in Minn.); some cool outdoor log furniture; and more. There will also be copious amounts of food, and an absurd amount of bench racing.

“This kind of event is exactly what Hunter would have wanted to do, get together at MB2 Raceway with everybody for the afternoon,” said Jeremy Houle, Hunter’s oldest brother. “Friendly racing competition, teasing each other, eating and socializing, all with that classic Hunter grin on his face.”  To further explain the foundation, Jeremy added, “Hunter’s influence within the sport he loved will continue with the Hunter Houle Memorial Foundation. Its purpose is to share Hunter’s spirit to live passionately, uplift others and support the youth and their families. For Hunter, living his passion was a way of life. The Foundation will help others to pursue a similar passion.” 

Registration is $50 for anyone who would like to race.  The event will include both competitive and leisure racing.  All racers are guaranteed at least two races. 

I’ll be there with the primary intention of putting Tucker into the hay bales. And for good reason! The last time he and I were on a go-kart track together, I ended up with broken ribs (see hospital photo below). The details of the incident are not important, as it might have involved some really bad driving on my part. Nevertheless, the way I see it, I owe him one.

You can find out more specific info on the event HERE at the Hunter Houle Memorial Foundation Facebook page.

If this is the kind of event that interests you, I sincerely hope you can join us. If for no other reason than I might need a ride to the emergency room.

Thanks for reading.

The perils of go-kart racing with Tucker Hibbert




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