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I Find Treasure at Gear Head Get Together

I dont think its a secret I like old stuff…one of my favorite car shows of the year, in Minnesota (Besides Back to the 50s), is the Gear Head Get Together in Maple Lake.

A show that started 10yrs ago with literally a dozen cars, has turned into an event that literally takes over the downtown with hundreds of vehicles. The dream, was to host an event allowing people to display and talk about anything motorized – A show that isn’t judged, one without trophies, entry fees, hassles and obstacles to participate. Just show up and have fun.

While we saw tractors, boats, motorcycles, lawn mowers and cars/trucks in every variety, the one vehicle that took my breath away, was literally the very first one I saw when crossing the street…

It was great to see the 1979 Arctic Enterprise Factory Racing Semi-Truck. This big rig was owned by Thomas Sno Sports and sold this past winter to the Gottschalk family in Kimball, MN. They revived the ol gal and got it back on the road retaining most of its original glory.

Looking at the photo display with the Sno Pro sleds, I drooled a bit thinking about all the cool sleds this truck has hauled over its timespan at Arctic Cat.

Owner, Scott (dark gray sweatshirt) talks to Arctic Cat collector, Tony Rolfes. The truck attracted attention from many onlookers all day long. If memory serves me, it was the only semi-truck I saw.

My son is 5’13” with a wingspan nearly one International wide. 

I failed to mention the swap meet at Gear Head…I typically look for Jeep toys, but oddly struck out this time around. My son found something cooler though…a dual-framed LOOK magazine spread of the 52 Henry J Corsair. Ive got a 51 Henry J, but this was a cool piece, and the seller was fun to talk to…for giggles, he frames old car magazine ads and enjoys meeting people at the swap meets he sells them to. A bargain for me, and a great wall hanger at $6



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