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Inside Look: 2022 ZR 200

The wildly popular ZR 200 is built to give youth riders the next level of snowmobile experience in the backyard, on trails, in deep snow and everywhere there’s winter, the ZR 200 is sized and equipped for transitional riders who have grown beyond the ZR 120. It’s SSCC-certified as an adult snowmobile that’s legal to ride on public trails, adding years of versatility for the entire snowmobiling family to enjoy.


It’s built with many of the same features found on full-sized Arctic Cat snowmobiles, including an A-arm front suspension with 4.5 in. of travel




Rear suspension has 8.5-in of travel. Both the front and rear are controlled by hydraulic shocks and ready to handle the bumps.

With an adjustable 29.5-in. to 31.5-in. ski stance and deep-keel plastic skis, the ZR 200 offers enhanced cornering and control.

A 10-in. x 93-in. Cobra track with 1-in. lugs delivers great traction and flotation in a full range of snow conditions.


The ZR 200 differentiates itself from the ZR 120 with turn-key electric start, flip-lever style choke lever, longer track and tunnel, larger 2.2-gal. fuel tank and higher seat and handlebars to accommodate taller riders. 

A 192cc fan-cooled single-cylinder 4-stroke engine delivers spirited, 9-horsepower fun.

It’s matched by a traditional CVT drive system featuring an RPM-sensing drive clutch, torque-sensing driven clutch and belt-drive gearcase for optimal power delivery and performance in all snow conditions. A hydraulic brake disc delivers enhanced braking performance.


Available in three colors: Red, ElectroLime and Green and includes a commemorative 60th anniversary badge.

Snowmageddon Ordering and Accessory Kit

During the Snowmageddon Order period you’ll get your best deal of the season. The ZR200 is available in Red, ElectroLime and Green with an Accessory Starter Kit option including a taller 10-in. high windshield, youth handguards and a rear storage bag.

If your kids are interested in ZR200 racing, and you live in the midwest, check out the 286 Sno Series. As beginners or experts, your entire crew will enjoy this family-friendly racing experience.

The 286 Sno Series has plenty of classes for ZR200 racers and a huge turnout 

Play riding the ZR200 as a grown adult, is about as much fun as you can have with Arcticwear on…as evidenced in the videos below! Buy two so you can ride with the kids.



  1. We bought two ZR200s for our kids who are 8 and 10 last year. My wife and I never would have thought it, but we play ride with those things just as much as our kids! When I saw Cat introduce the 400 single-cylinder, I was imagining stuffing one of those in a ZR200 chassis for the ultimate adult play sled.

  2. I sold my 2019 ZR200 for $4800 this winter. $600 more than I paid for it. The lack of supply and high demand worked in my favor (finally). The 200 is a great snowmobile!

  3. Thank you Kale for the 286 Sno Series shout out. To ANYONE looking to race and is under 17yrs old, this is the place to do it. You can dip your toes in the water here even if you know nothing about racing, just show up! There are plenty of families who will help you out and offer assistance.

  4. Haha I haven’t ridden a Blast, but thinking about 65hp in a ZR200 chassis would be pretty thrilling. Sounds like you should build one Kale.

  5. Kale,
    You and the marketing guys at textron missed the terrible photo chop of the rear suspension, with 1 and 1/2 coil over shocks….
    Not surprising from them, since they don’t know anything about sleds, but surprised you didn’t catch it

  6. Arctic cat has done more to bring people into the sport than any other manufacture by far. So many people don’t understand how important these snowmobiles are!

  7. Katden4: That is the truth! Very important to get younger kids into the sport. The future of snowmobiling depends on it!.

  8. So many folks so mad at Cat right now, and I do understand some of it. But for you people jumping ship to another brand because you don’t like the color, just keep in mind that A/C is doing more than the other three brands combined to bring new blood into the sport. It started way back in the early 70s with the Kitty Cat, then the 120, then the 200, now the 400. I don’t ride any of them, but yet I understand how important these snowmobiles are, and what brand builds them. Loyal to a fault, I may be, but I still have to give credit were its due. Don’t even bring up new chassis, just look at the cross country results, enough said.

  9. Katden4… One may want to consider that pricing of snowmobiles is exceptionally high. And while Arctic Cat prices are competitive to its competitors , its technology isn’t. Look at the value of the machines and you will find that others offer more for same dollar value. Best example….Blast vs Ski Doo MX Z Sport. Do a comparison and judge for yourself.

  10. Mxz sport is a great value for sure, but it’s still too big, too fast, and too heavy to be considered an entry level snowmobile, or bridge getting to a full size. I never said the blast or the 200, kitty cat were the best bang for the buck, but they are a great option for people getting into the sport. My point is Arctic Cat has been committed to bringing in new riders, and doing a great job offering the right size for the right people. They are high in price as you state, but resale for all of these is substantially higher per dollar than just about any snowmobile on the market. A clean used kitty cat 30 years old will still bring close to full retail of what it cost new. I don’t expect the blast to do that, but still excellent resale in 10 years or so. I am not happy with what Cat has the last couple years, but I also smile every time I see younger people riding kitty cats, 200s, and now the blast. That’s in the neighborhood, race tracks, and public trails.

  11. katden4 – you are forgetting that many are jumping ship because there is no dealer close to them. If they are a little mad at Cat and then they have no close dealer anymore – well that makes it easy to jump ship. Cat has to get the dealer network fixed by filing in the geographical gaps!!!!

  12. Catsforlife…Good point. Regardless of customer status, if there is no dealer in their area then it is far easier to purchase from those that are. Makes selling the product a bit tougher.

  13. They need to treat the long time dealers better. There’s none left here for two hundred miles around. Some of the dealers they yanked were old friends. Also 440 and 570 Fan Zs from the mid 2000s are holding value quite well if they are cherry. All this winter i saw good examples going for 2500 to 3500 dollars. The stock 570Z sold new just about 4500 to 5000. Those models are sleds that Joe average can repair easily. I’d love to add one to my collection. But locally if I had to buy new I’m buying Polaris because the dealer has been here for 30 plus years and I can talk to him anytime. Polaris won’t go out of business tomorrow either. Their stocks doing great. You can still get a 550 fan cooled twin. I don’t need the latest and greatest I just want to ride and have local dealer support. In the meantime I’ll overhaul my Vintage Cheetah and hope Arctic comes back to the local market. Those two companies are a tale of two brothers and I look at them as equals. I just still prefer black and green and I hope the Thief river crew can turn this around.


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