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Team Arctic Hillclimb Champions Wow at Pebble Creek and Beaver Mountain

Kaufman, Selby and Tapio Headline Pro Classes

Team Arctic hillclimb champions put on a show at the RMSHA Mogul Madness race event at the Pebble Creek Ski Area the first weekend in April.

Fun to see Wes Selby shake up the Pro 600 class on his ZR6000 Snocross sled

Having a reputation for one of the best RMSHA events for spectators, Team Arctic’s resident cross-country Pro, Wes Selby, came out of the gates swinging by cracking a top three finish in the Pro Stock 600 class – Did we mention he did it on his ZR 6000R snocross sled? 

Garth Kaufman Photo:RLT Photography

From there, the Pro class turned into the Garth Kaufman show when the veteran Pro grabbed four podiums, including a win in Pro 600 Improved Stock, second in Pro 600 Mod, third in Pro 700 Improved Stock and a second in Pro 700 Mod. Standing on the podium with Kaufman, was Russ Tapio who rode to an impressive third in Pro 600 Improved Stock and second in Pro 700 Improved Stock. In Pro Master, Kyle Tapio won both the Improved and Mod classes for second weekend in a row. 

Kaufman said, “Jackson Hole was kind of a turning point. We’ve been testing and making gains with our Improved and Mod sleds and the hard work is paying off.”

Kyle Tapio Photo: RLT Photography

More success ensued this past weekend as Team Arctic hillclimb champs competed at the Beaver Mountain Ski Resort in Logan, Utah capturing 16 podiums and 7 class wins. Like Pebble Creek and Jackson Hole before it, Wes Selby shook things up aboard his ZR 6000 placing second in Pro 600 Stock and finishing second behind Pro 600 Improved winner, Garth Kaufman. Selby also won the Pro 700 Stock class and Kaufman continued his podium visits winning Pro 700 Improved Stock and then a second in 700 Modified.

In the Pro Master Improved and Mod classes, Kyle Tapio won both, making it the third consecutive weekend winning both classes.

Team Arctic Race Manager, Mike Kloety, said, “Like Garth said, Jackson Hole was our turning point. We’ve found consistency and a winning stride. All the racers hard work is paying off and our Arctic Cat snowmobiles are working really well. We look forward to competing at the last race of the hillclimb season at Lost Trail Ski-Resort.”

Next up, Team Arctic Hillclimb Racers compete at the final RMSHA race of the season at the Lost Trail Ski Resort in Sula, Montana, April 17, 2021.

Garth Kaufman (seated) talking to Kirk Hibbert Photo: Wes Selby

Pebble Creek Results

Beaver Bash Results



  1. Nice to see Kirk Hibbert helping Garth. I bet there are some pretty interesting engineering ideas on Garths mod. I also bet some eyebrows are raised after Selby came in with a snocross sled and interrupted the Polaris party in the 600 stock class. Hahahaha!! Give em hell Wes!

  2. MY SnoPro 500 was by far one of my best handling sleds. Never have ben able to get standard chassis to handle the same. hopefully they are looking at this for new sled. Also they need to make running boards flat in front portion where you normally stand. toes down is not natural or comfortable.

  3. OHhh that is amazing to see Kirk Hibbert out there helping. I’d really love to see him helping a Cat team on snocross too in the future.


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