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The 2023 BLAST 4000 LT unifies nearly every positive mid-sized BLAST attribute into one simplistic sport utility snowmobile that satisfies many masters. 

Why To Buy

Cabin owners, outdoorsmen and pure snowmobile enthusiasts looking for ONE mid-sized unit, can confidently rely on the fun-based riding nature of the BLAST LT to haul you down a trail at speed, but also assist as a key work tool around home or recreation property. 

1. Shared DNA – The BLAST LT employs direct features from Arctic Cat’s Crossover segment of mid-size snowmobiles including the premium handlebars with mid-strap, seat (1.5-in. taller than Blast ZR) and 146-inch Cobra track.

2. Maintenance – The quick attach/detach side panels and top cowling make the Blast one of the easiest models to gain access to the full engine compartment.

3. Engine – Arctic Cat’s C-TEC2 single-cylinder kicks out an impressive 65-class horsepower and combined with CVTech clutches, you can get to 50mph trail speed limits quicker than most.

4. Accessories – a wide range of accessories are available to customize your BLAST LT including handlebar storage bags, front bumpers, pivoting tow hitches and more. 

The Blast LT can handle most anything fun you can throw at it…utility work, trail riding and deep powder riding.

Tech Talk

The LT shares many commonalities with other BLAST models, chief amongst them is Arctic Cat’s C-TEC2 engine – a 397cc single-cylinder two-stroke with 65-class horsepower and Electronic Fuel Injection. Quick, responsive power is delivered via CVTech clutches for a smooth take off every time. 

The BLAST LT sets itself apart from the mid-size pack with a 146-inch XTRA-ACTION rear suspension that pivots at the rear of the skidframe’s slide rails, providing easier back-ups, but can also be locked to put all traction to the ground when towing in deep snow.  A 15-in. wide Cobra track with 1.6-in. lug provides plenty of on- and off-trail traction for the most playful rides you’ll experience this winter.

The above photo is a 2022 Blast LT, but you get a good look at the articulating rear XtraAction skid frame which works like its full-size sibling, the Norseman 8000 X.

Dash mounted rocker controls are conveniently placed, and the easy to use hand warmers have been updated for 2023 with a high/low setting, versus the previous on/off option. Thumb warmer, headlight, and engine reverse engagement are also operated from the dash. The digital instrument gauge transmits all running info brightly and a magnetic tether switch is standard.

The performance-inspired bodywork boasts a tall 15.5-in. windshield for the ultimate wind protection and comes in Black with Red graphics.

The BLAST 4000 LT at a Glance

  • 397cc, 2-stroke, C-TEC2 Single-Cylinder Engine with EFI
  • 65-Class Horsepower
  • Turn-Key Electric Start
  • 37.5-in. to 38.5-in. adjustable ski stance
  • Trail-6 Ski with Single-Runner Carbide
  • 11.7 gallon fuel tank
  • Taller Mountain Seat
  • 4.5-in. handlebar riser
  • Premium handlebars and mountain strap with hooked ends
  • Rear Tunnel Utility Rack


    • If you are going to use it more for work or ice fishing. Things like that. I would love to have the LT for pulling my Clam and having the room to carry more of my ice fishing gear with that rear rack to tie things down to.

    • The LT and XR are fairly similar. The big difference is the articulating rear skid frame (XtraAction) on the LT. Like the Norseman X, it works really well for utility applications. (Taller windshield and utility rack are bonuses)

  1. This whip needs more bar riser to match the freestyle grab rail on the tunnel.

    A 7000 version of this sled would be a big seller.

  2. Could you please do a insider story on the dealer situation and if Textron is adding dealers. Nearest dealer is 2.5 hour drive SOUTH of me. A few years ago there were 4 dealers within 45 miles.

    • What’s there to report? @$$tron doesn’t want dealers, so they don’t have to supply parts, rigs, or support in ANY way, the company loses money, goes out of business, and they get their “Oh we bought this company and it went out of business where’s our money?” money. Bastards. Also, a preemptive “up yours” JimR, for whatever B.S. you are going to spout.

      • That was such a Karen moment. My dealer is thriving. Most are. But Karen the doomsayer cant handle facts. Up yours? Grow up!

      • Dave, I respect and welcome well thought opinions here as I want people to learn about the brand, its people, product and happenings. I also want it to be a site where comments are kept civil towards each other. (Goes both ways JimR and anyone else) This is just snowmobiling…two skis, a track and an engine. And its damn fun. If you don’t like the brand, the people here, or how I run my site, its ok to move on…because seeing the continued negativity isn’t fun.

        • I respect opinions too. I only respond with incivility when it is used towards me.

          That’s the problem. I DO LIKE THE BRAND. I LOVE IT. I’ve been around CAT my WHOLE LIFE. I DON’T like the way it’s being “run”, if it can so be called that. And I’m not alone. MANY OTHERS are sick of @$$tron running OUR beloved CAT into the ground! I don’t know abut others, but I speak, hoping to get someone at @$$tron to READ MY WORDS AND CHANGE! I don’t WANT to be negative! I want to have NOTHING to complain about, I’d LOVE it, but it’s just NOT HAPPENING! I didn’t complain 10 years ago, even when the turbo ProCross were having problems! When I see REAL evidence of REAL changes going on in the way @$$tron is running OUR company, I will stop, and hopefully NEVER have to resume! I YEARN, I LONG, I LUST FOR THAT DAY!

    • 100%. The dealer situation is awful. In the 2022 release, the President of Cat said they were going to be adding dealers…pretty sure that never happened. I think what we are seeing is why a snowmobile manufacturer should not be owned by such a large corporate company.

  3. Two dealers in the past 3 years were added around me. Three if you include the poo dealer adding cat in TRF after Randy retired.

  4. The current dealer in TRF is anything but an active dealer for the brand, its almost like the sales dept is annoyed they are selling arctic. I tried for over 8 business days to get ahold of sales, not answering calls, returning voice-mail etc… to inquire on the 23 models and get a value what my trades would be worth. Finally left message with the parts dept to only get a call back telling me they have no idea on new prices and wouldn’t give me a value on my trades until the official release because that was a month away. Well the value of my trades dictates weather I am getting new ones or not. With limited allocation builds on the models I’m interested in I won’t have time to go there to see what they will allow and yet get in on ordering.

    I also inquired with them on a new Alterra 600 last summer and the response I got was, “we transfered ours to Dakota cat so I’d have to check with them”.

    Last sleds I bought was from Bismark and they were amazing to work with. 4 hours away from me but I guess that’s what it takes to have a good arctic dealer to work with.

  5. Cat dealers have always been treated like crap. Around here every couple of years a new one pops up. And then the hassles start from CAT, and they dye off. Any direction I go I pass 2 to Polaris, or Doo dealers on the way to a Cat dealer. Just the facts. Lost 2 this year, and one old dealer has nothing to sell. Shameful.

  6. Similar to what Yamaha did on there 23 Venom models; Did CAT add any adjustability for the heated hand grips? Supposedly Yamaha has multiple settings now verses off and inferno.

  7. The dealer situation definitely needs to be addressed. This past year I lost my closest dealer. Now, ordering parts online from Country Cat is a quicker option since my now “local” dealer is a decent drive and doesn’t stock any parts anyway. Over the summer I attended a pre-season snow show at a dealer about 45 minutes away and the salesman I talked to was notably irritated at the lack of communication from Cat/Textron. He even made a point to mention how long it had been since he had heard from his rep.

    I totally understand the negativity being a real drag, but I do agree with what was mentioned above in that I think many of us are hoping Textron sees these very legitimate complaints/issues and actually does something about it. Ruining an iconic brand like this isn’t doing Textron any sales favors for their other brands either.

  8. Arctic cat doesn’t want to release new stuff because of 22 snowchecks still not delivered. So what happens when u order 23 same old stuff and then they mid year release 24 brand new platform and engine. No matter when they do it somebody’s gonna be pissed they didn’t wait to order… SO CAT LETS GO. WHAT DO YOU GOT FOR US FAITHFUL DUMMYS.

  9. The yamaha production numbers for 23 are so low, I wonder what’s going on. Will cats be the same. Yamaha was sold out in hours. I hope there gonna release something else soon.

  10. Snopro, only my opinion but I think cat will look to add dealers that sell yamaha also. There was an interview a while back now, with cat/Yamaha guys and they talked about integrating parts and dealers in the future. This new platform/engine we keep hearing about might just be the best of Yamaha and cat and a truly joint venture. Yamaha offering 0 sleds built in Japan this year.

    • Yamaha is still offering those Japan built sleds, they said they aren’t building any because they already have enough stock.

  11. I would be ok with Yamaha offering cat parts, I see there is a good Yamaha sled dealer 64 miles away. I guess the days of stopping by your local cat dealer on a Friday night for a gallon of oil and help empty a 30 pack are over.

  12. In reality cat/Yamaha together account for about 20 percent of the snowmobile market. They are trying to be competitive keeping customers happy and also make some money with such a small piece of the pie. Its been tough for them. I do think good things are coming just waiting is the hard part.

    • Jason, the problem is that everyone feels that Textron is not trying. That is why every cat site is full of long term customers, and ex customers complaining.


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