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ISOC-Approved: New RPM Mechanics Vest from Tekvest

Tekvest RPM vest for mechanics.

ISOC has updated its rules for the 2015-16 season and now requires ISR-approved upper body protection for all mechanics and crew who work area trackside.

TekVest has responded to the recent rule with its new RPM model vest. Based on our highly-successful Rally Sport and Rally Max models that have served the off-road, enduro and ADV market for more than a decade know, the new RPM offers the following unique features that make it a smart choice for crew members in ISOC as well as in all other snowmobile race circuits:

*Front-mounted cargo pockets featuring a unique 2-stage design with a hidden inner pocket and an external “Ready Rack”.

*The inner hidden pocket has vertical tool slots to hold your tools, goggle wipes, sparkplugs and contact gloves.

*The outer “Ready Rack” holds tools that require the quickest access on race day.

*The “Ready Rack” also has a spot for your Smart Phone and can also handle your team radio system with a left or right side mounting option.

*Designed to wear under your coat but can be worn on the outside.

*Integrated rear cargo pouch accommodates popular 50/100-oz. systems. 

*Integrated drink hose/radio cord carrier built in over BOTH shoulders.

*You must buy your own hydration system. We recommend you use an insulated drink hose and bite valve.

Tekvest RPM vest for mechanics.

*The mechanic can now “hydrate” his rider without the awkward use of water bottles.

*Rear cargo pouch also handles temporary storage of soft items such as a hat, goggles, gloves etc

*A quick-release drive belt hook is standard. Keeps the belt warm and dry while under your jacket.

Special ISOC pricing begins at $345 U.S.


Intersted in taking delivery of the new vest by Duluth? Tekvest’s website is currently suffering some downtime, so they ask that you complete and fill out THIS ORDER FORM and fax it into them.



  1. I was working ERX last year when a flagger got taken out by a racer that lost control right after the finishline jump, Scary stuff to think about that you dont realize until you’re right there. Isoc made the right call here, 345 is a cheap insurance policy vs taking a set of studs cross the chest in the event Kamakazie kam…. well… a racer gets out of control and the sleds pointed in your direction..


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