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“It’s in Our Blood”: This is Textron Off Road

Textron has begun to incorporate Arctic Cat into its brand, as evidenced by this well-done video about the newly-named Textron Off Road division in which Cat now resides.

There’s a lot more to come on this, I’m sure. Enjoy the video.



  1. Yesterday I received a length survey from a company hired by Textron (presumably).

    When I finished the ending of the survey seemed to give the impression Arctic Cat brand will continue with snowmobiles but the ATV line will become the Textron Off Road brand. In other words the Arctic Cat brand will probably disappear from dirt.

  2. They are not going to do away with Cat in the dirt. The Wildcat brand will grow along with the ATV segment. Cat is to strong of a name compared to Bad Boy.

  3. The Bad Boy name is gone. If you look at the CCat website if you look for Bad Boy it shows up under Textron off road. Even on the individual models they no longer say Bad Boy. I don’t know what the hell that means. Time will tell I guess.

  4. In looking at Textron’s youtube channel I find it interesting that their prior videos have only been watched a few hundred times yet this one has been watched almost 2,000 times. I would be willing to bet that most of those views were from Arctic Cat fans. I hope Textron realizes the value of the Arctic Cat name and does not do away with it as they are doing with Bad Boy now calling them Textron Offroad. However it looks like that is the route they are going and the Arctic Cat name is going to fade away in the ATV/UTV market with snowmobiles to follow in a few years when we welcome the “big three” after Yamaha purchases Arctic’s snow line from Textron and does away with the name in 2021.

  5. Dont worry Jason. Cat is not going anywhere but bigger and better. The Wildcat is expanding and the sled business will be just fine. Cat basically builds all of Yamaha’s sleds now so Yami is not buying out cat. Take a pill and relax. Going to be a fun ride. Soon to have my 018 6000 Limited ordered.

  6. For better or worse the ac dirt brand is gone. It’s all textron off road from here on out. Honestly, ac is so far beyond help in the engine category that a rebranding was necessary. I’m excited about it. With the new stuff that is on the way(and I am not talking about the sh!t Robby project that can’t hang together past 50 hours) this brand will be competitive with power, price and reliability. The biggest thing to know is that the power is not raw. The handeling and reliability of the two sxs’s that are going to drop in the next year is superior and that will put the brand on solid footing. They will be dropping a game changer. Innovation is alive again!

  7. Jason is right on the mark Arctic Cat ATV/UTV will become Textron Off Road and this is not just a re-branding but will be all new units in the next couple of years the best of the best from both Cat and Bad Boy all rolled into one hence the reason for the name change. Not a bad thing but a good thing less the name as I myself am not too key on that but I have to face the facts. As far as the snowmobiles that all depends on the profit as Textron will not keep pumping money in with no return and if the return is not there the snow line will be sold and I can assure you that Yamaha will be right there waiting with the checkbook. It only makes sense for them to do so and combine them into one brand as they basically are right now minus the 600 and 800 2 stroke. There was talks with Yamaha prior to the sale to Textron however they had no interest in the ATV/UTV market as they feel their dirt products are far superior to Cat’s. There was only interest in the snow line………….so hang tight. Yamaha back in Snow cross Racing 2022 ??????????

  8. I can see the Arctic Cat dirt products being folded into Textron Off Road brand, but I don’t think that the snowmobiles are in any trouble for the foreseeable future. Textron will give it some years while pumping in for R&D $$ before making the decision whether to keep the snow line.

  9. The Arctic Cat snow line was/is still profitable. I think they will stick around. Yamaha is getting what they want now, with zero risk. But it needs to snow….or all bets will be off. Arctic Cat alone produced more sleds 10 years ago than all three manus did last year.

  10. Has the shake up happened at the Arctic Cat Corporate Office in Minneapolis yet? Sounds like a lot of people will be gone shortly. Sure was a good plan to spend all that money on the nice new digs just to get the boot. Talk about wasting corporate dollars!


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