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Join the Club and Wear the Pride: 2018 Cat’s Pride Club Kit

2018 Arctic Cat Cat's Pride Club kit

Celebrate and join the famed Arctic Cat rider’s club with the 2018 edition Cat’s Pride Club Member Kit.

Established in 1978, the Cat’s Pride Club is the longest operating brand snowmobile club in the world, with thousands of members across the globe.

This year’s membership kit includes a comfortable 100 percent polyester Performance Pullover with an embroidered logo, a premium Hat and a collector’s Membership Pin, each designed exclusively for members and not available anywhere else.

Buying the kit makes you a member as well as renews a previous membership.

Click HERE to become a member and enjoy free shipping with each kit. Join today for $49.99 U.S./$69.99 Canada.



  1. x3 for pride mag.
    i used to love getting it in the mail a few times a year
    always looked forward to the next one!
    so much info. on new sleds and tech tips and readers rides photos etc.
    i kept every issue, and think i have almost all of them
    it’s nice to pull them out once in a while and browse through them again
    hey John, do you think it’ll ever get revived again?

  2. Having been integral in the production of Pride magazine from 1994 until the last issue in 2009, I smile at these comments. I loved creating the magazine. But for one or two strays, I have every issue going back to #1.

    Several factors contributed to its demise increased: the Great Recession (and subsequent slashed marketing budgets); increased printing and mailing costs; and a general migration to FREE online media for many riders/readers. These were cataclysmic disruptions that intersected during a pretty narrow window of time.

    Its demise was the catalyst for creating this website. So while I was and still am saddened by Pride’s slumber, I’m also glad for what fun and cool stuff I’ve been able to do with this place. A lot of that stuff is unique to a digital format: the ability to post daily; video; infinite “space” for adding photos; and the tremendous freedom I enjoy about the stuff I get to write about.

    At this moment in time, the future for print still looks kinda bleak, whether we’re talking snowmobile magazines, newspapers and probably even catalogs and brochures.

    But I do not think that print will ever be dead. And I can easily envision a time when it rebounds to a greater stature than it enjoys today.

    There’s a power and impact from a printed piece that arrives in our mailboxes that simply cannot be matched by a cool photo and short caption on Facebook.

    I don’t think of Pride as dead. In part because of what this site offers and also because I can see a future time in which it returns in a printed format.

  3. thank you for the quick response and info. about the pride mag.
    i’m sure you look back fondly and quite PROUD (pun intended haha) on being an important part of the magazine.
    it’s so true what you say, about the power and impact of print compared to digital info.
    i guess thats why we miss it so much!
    theres nothing like holding something in your hands to see and touch and even smell ( yes, i like the smell of a new book or mag. haha)
    that you can’t get from looking at a computer screen.
    but we do enjoy arctic insider just the same.
    hopefully pride mag. will come back one day and maybe you, John, will be the reason and a part of that again!

  4. The kit says “Performance Pullover”, but picture shows a zippered garment? anyone know which it actually is? I use my Pride coffee cup from 1994 almost every day of the year, have been for 20 years or so.

  5. Mike T, it is a full length zippered jacket, NOT a pullover, and is very comfy as I just received mine! But John, on the Cat’s Pride issue, I would like to see the yearly “Action Video” included with our memberships. I enjoy watching my older ones and I am sure the price of a mass produced DVD is not that much. Just my thoughts, Thanks!


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