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Just Released: 2018 M 8000 Sno Pro Early Release with C-TEC2 Engine

2018 Arctic Cat M 8000 Sno Pro Early Release. At

Arctic Cat took the wraps off a pair of 2018 M 8000 Sno Pro models today, each featuring the new C-TEC2 800 2-stroke engine and new extra-narrow Next-Gen bodywork.

Available in 153- or 162-in. track lengths, the two Early Release models will be at dealerships next week.


New for 2018:

*All-new 8000 Series C-TEC2 794cc engine with Dual- Stage Injection (DSI) delivers increased performance and rideability in the 160-hp class. It provides crisp throttle response, outstanding mid-range and classleading performance in addition to improved fuel mileage and reduced oil consumption.

*New Ascender platform with new Next-Gen Mountain bodywork offers 10 percent narrower profile for improved sidehill performance; improved fit and finish; easy on/off body panels and distinctive Arctic Cat styling. In addition, the Ascender platform features improvements that originally debuted on the 2017 Mountain Cat:

*New TEAM Rapid Response II drive clutch features an autoadjusting belt tension design and a 12.5 percent lower effective starting ratio (while maintaining the top ratio) for smoother engagement and reduced belt wear at driveaway speed.

*FOX FLOAT 3 rear track shock has been lengthened one inch, allowing increased air volume that translates into a suppler ride quality in its initial compression. (Sno Pro)

*FOX FLOAT 3 ski shocks are improved with a new end cap and shorter negative spring, resulting in increased air volume that translates into suppler ride quality in its initial compression. (Sno Pro)

*M 8000 Sno Pro Early Release models are equipped with a 153-in. or 162-in. PowerClaw track with 3.0-in. lugs.

1) A driveshaft that has been positioned 1” lower and .” rearward for increased clearance of the 3-in. lug track while enabling the use of 8-tooth drive sprockets (vs. 7-tooth) compared to the previous design and results in a flatter track-to-snow approach angle for improved floatability, quicker climbing on top of the snow while accelerating as well as improved overall handling.

2) Revised running boards are 1.0 in. narrower than previous designs for improved side-hill performance and ease of laying the sled over in deep snow.

3) Revised bellypan shape allows the rider’s feet to move 2 in. further forward for even greater ergonomic options for riding.

4) Thinner gauge aluminum on the rear tunnel section, plus strategic cut-outs on the front tunnel section, reduces weight by more than 2 lbs.


2018 Arctic Cat M 8000 Sno Pro Early Release. At

Arctic Cat rides into 2018 early, on a pair of new M 8000 Sno Pro machines powered by the all-new, all-powerful Arctic Cat 8000-Series 794cc C-TEC2 engine with Dual-Stage Injection. In addition to a motor that delivers better low- and mid-range response and increased power, the new M models feature all-new, narrow profile Next-Gen Mountain bodywork that is part of the new Ascender platform. Each gets the Arctic Mountain Drive System, narrowed running boards and increased forward foot placement for maximum backcountry performance.

And they’re available in limited quantities at Arctic Cat dealerships after Feb. 1, 2017!

Mountain riders will rejoice when they feel the crisp, clean power of the new 8000-series Arctic Cat C-TEC2 engine. More powerful than its predecessor and with a stronger low- and mid-range hit thanks to its new APV exhaust valve featuring 3-stage control of all exhaust ports, the new engine sets a new standard in 160-hp class performance. That performance stays consistent with the quick acceleration and auto-adjusting design of the TEAM Rapid Response II drive clutch, Rapid Reaction driven clutch and the entire Arctic Drive System.

Last year the Mountain Drive System and mountain chassis modifications debuted on the Mountain Cat package, offering improved deep snow carving, acceleration and rider ergonomics via narrower running boards, forward foot position and the lowered driveshaft. That system is now on all 2018 M 8000 models and, as part of the Ascender platform, it’s complemented by new mountain bodywork that’s 3 in. (10%) narrower than the previous design, offering even better side hilling manners.

The improved handling of the M Series is aided by the lightweight Arctic Mountain Suspension (AMS), which features mountain-specific spindles, geometry and 34.5-38.5-in. stance to enable better side-hilling, reduced drag in the snow and improved handling. Last year the FLOAT-ACTION rear suspension was improved with a new front arm and rail geometry for increased travel, improved ride quality and consistent track tension.

In 2018 this suspension has been improved even more with the Fox FLOAT 3 rear track shock being lengthened to provide even better ride control in the snow and on rough routes that get riders to their favorite play areas. The tapered ProClimb-7 skis keep the tips up when moving through deep snow, further aiding control in the backcountry.

They come with a fixed (non-telescoping) and vertical steering post, 11.7-gallon fuel tank, front-mounted heat exchanger and ice scratchers. They climb on and through the deepest snow thanks the category-leading PowerClaw track, available in either 153- or 162-in. length with aggressive 3.0-in. lugs.

The early-release 2018 M 8000 Sno Pro comes in Dynamic Gray and is available in limited quantities. The 153-in. version has a U.S. MSRP of $13,399 while the 162-in. version is $13,699.

See your local Arctic Cat dealer beginning Feb. 1, 2017.

2018 Arctic Cat M 8000 Sno Pro Early Release. At

2018 M 8000 Sno Pro Early Release Specifications

2018 M 8000 Sno Pro Early Release Specifications



  1. This sled should have factory belt drive instead of chain case. Less maintenance, less weight, and less rolling resistance are just a few reasons. Aftermarket belt drives handle 200+ horsepower on turbo M8s. Arctic Cat could include factory belt drive with little or no effort.


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