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Kirk Hibbert’s End-of-Summer Time-Warp

Arctic Cat Tigershark pro's Kirk Hibbert and Joey Hallstrom

Before heading out to do some laps on the river, Kirk Hibbert (left) and Joey Hallstrom added a Skat-Track stainless impeller, a Black Magic intake grate and a Factory Pipe for some extra performance. Gotta keep up with the Sea-Doo XP.

Of course, this was after they went shopping for some Life’s a Beach swim shorts in their favorite colors.


Arctic Cat's Kirk Hibbert practices turns for the upcoming ISOC season

The mods really bring the Tigershark to life, and Kirk practices the form he’ll use later this winter, when the MRP and ISOC racing series kick into gear. I wonder how he’ll do on the new ZR440 race sled I keep hearing rumors about?


Team Tigershark's Kirk Hibbert

Whoops, a little too much throttle and that Tigershark will pitch you! So much for the Dry Stable Ride that we keep hearing about.


Arctic Cat WetBike Babe

Whoa, what’s this… a babe on an Arctic Cat WetBike!?! She’s either having trouble getting onto the machine the proper way, or she’s trying to foil Kirk’s cornering practice.


Arctic Cat Tigershark pro's Kirk Hibbert and Joey Hallstrom

Awe shucks, we’re just a couple of racers looking for an edge over the competition. No time for babes on WetBikes.


A normal day on the river in TRF

Bye now, hope you had a great summer! And so goes another day on the river in TRF…




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