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Arctic Cat Factory Tour

Check out the cool video tour of the Arctic Cat production factory in TRF.



  1. that was really cool, i always wondered what a cat factory tour might be like. Do they use robotic welders on their suspension and exhaust components ? Thats one thing that i have always wondered .

  2. Some day I hope to visit CAT’s factory, I bleed green and at some point need to see where the machines that have taken me places most people only dream about are made… I have never been let down by my CATs… and will pay tribute some day soon…

  3. Yes, you should have been there at the 50th and toured the factory, it was really neat!! It was not only the products and the equipment that were cool, but all of the employees that talked to you and shook your hand and said, “thank’s for ‘comin out”, was truly something special! And yes, it felt REALLY good, to put your hands on the assembly line where there were dozens of new sleds hanging there only to realize that every sled you bought, at one time in their assembly process came past this exact point at one time!!

  4. To whom it may concern I live in morden mb my brothers own Transport Arctic Cat in Fort St John BC. I would like to drive down to your plant in Thief River Falls Nov. 15/2011 and have a tour of your plant, I await your reply.
    Thank You
    Donald M Bourdon


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