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Kirk & Tucker Talk Snow

Tucker Hibbert gets ready for the 2011 snocross season in several ways, including giving his dad, Kirk, grief about the snow that fell during the fall test/practice trip in the Rockies.



  1. Is this all of the video you guys have ? Last year you had a bunch from out west and kirks shop,it is fun to watch and see their shop.Keep up the good work.

  2. Scott: Tucker took and sent me this video. I too am disappointed that there is no action video of him. Especially when I consider how much money I’m paying him, how often he treats my home like a Super 8 and how much of my kids’ Halloween candy he eats. Maybe when Tucker reads this, he’ll get with the program and send me some good stuff. How about it Tucker?

  3. First of all, you’re a goon. Secondly, that doesn’t “count” towards your promise of speaking in the 3rd person at a public event this race season. And third, when are you going to send some action video? Maybe of Kirk cooking beans on the open fire?


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