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Dubuque is one of our favorite stops on the tour as we consider it our home state race! It was great to see all our friends, family, fans, and sponsors here in Iowa! 

FRIDAY – With weather conditions deteriorating all day, the outcome was not how we had planned. The day proceeded with a light snow and rain mix paired with high winds making the visibility very minimal. But we had to proceed with caution and push forward.

SPORT – the field is stacked, tight racing with low visibility had Kolton Finishing 7th in each round putting him in the LCQ. LCQ came, he was running strong up front, but unfortunately, we fell short by one position to transfer into final. 

#153 Kolton Krajicek Sport

PRO LITE- was a very similar story. With Theo placing a 4th, and a 6th place in each round this would send him into the LCQ. With stakes high on the line, the field was tight. Running strong off the line we got pushed into the group which didn’t give us enough time to get to where we needed to be, ending our night in 9th place. 

SATURDAY –  We woke up to the sun shining, no snow and perfect racing conditions which put all our minds at ease.

SPORT – we ran into an issue in round 1, unfortunately we had a rider collide with Kolton causing significant damage which sent us back to the trailer for repairs. Round 2 left us coming off the line where we wanted to be, but we grabbed a 6th place, sending us to the LCQ. LCQ set us up on the line, but we fell short on a transfer spot ending our day in Sport. 

#728 Theo Poirier Pro Lite

PRO LITE – Theo was the talk of the pits and was the talk all day long on the Floracing Live stream. Theo went 2nd in each round, putting him #3 qualifier for the final on the front row. Theo was on the light, and away we went. With a packed field of 15 rider’s, we got tied up into the first corner with 2 other sleds bringing the red flag out. We regrouped after the red flag and finished our night in 11th in Pro Lite. 

A team never plans for a weekend to end this way, however, we are proud of Kolton and Theo for adapting to the track conditions and pushing forward all weekend long. And our crew members worked their butts off all weekend to get us where we need to be. Time for a nice weekend off to regroup, reset and move forward to Deadwood! 



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