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Kyle Tapio & Arctic Cat are King of Kings at Jackson

Kyle Tapio and Arctic Cat are King of Kings at 2013 Jackson Hole

Press Release-


Kyle Tapio Conquers Jackson Hole with Five Wins and King of King Title

When the big guns arrive for the biggest battle of the year sporting the highest-powered artillery, you just know that domination will ensue. That was the case at the 2013 Jackson Hole World Championship Hillclimb, where a talented corp of Team Arctic racers aboard M Series machines battled to seven wins including the ultimate “King of Kings” title.

The star of the weekend was perennial champion Kyle Tapio. Riding an Arctic Cat M800 HCR with the ProClimb chassis, Tapio waged a personal war against the gnarly course at Snow King Mountain, winning both the 800 Improved and 800 Mod finals. But that was just a warm-up. When all of the class winners competed in the final King competition, Tapio proved who the true World Champion is by taking the Improved, Mod and King of Kings titles in convincing fashion.

“There’s a reason that Kyle is regarded as the King of Jackson,” said Al Shimpa, Team Arctic Hillclimb Coordinator. “For the second year in a row, he won two class finals, two King-of-class titles and the ultimate King of King championship as best of the entire event. He is truly an outstanding hillclimb racer.”

Joining Tapio on top of the Snow King podium were two additional Team Arctic teammates. David McClure won the 600 Improved class in addition to finishing second in 700 Improved and third in 800 Stock aboard his Arctic Cat M800 HCR. Likewise, Jeremy Archibald led a Team Arctic podium sweep of the 700 Improved class. Team Arctic racers scored 19 podium finishes at the World Championships.

“I’m so impressed with all of the Team Arctic racers and crews,” said Shimpa. “Everyone came to  Jackson with their best effort, proving Arctic Cat dominated  the toughest mountain race  of the year. With three races remaining on the RMSHA circuit, I expect we’ll see a lot more wins before the 2013 hillclimb season concludes.”


Team Arctic Results from the 2013 Jackson Hole World Championships of Hillclimbs

600 Improved

1. David McClure

2. Rob Kincaid

3. Jeremy Archibald


600 Mod

2. Russ Tapio


700 Stock

3. Chance Buckallew


700 Improved

1. Jeremy Archibald

2. David McClure

3. Rob Kinciad


700 Mod

2. Nels Tapio


800 Stock

3. David McClure


800 Improved

1. Kyle Tapio


Open Mod

1. Kyle Tapio


Pro Masters Improved

3. Tony Ottobre


Pro Masters Mod

3. Tony Ottobre


Women’s Stock

3. Jan Ottobre


Women’s Improved

2. Amy Zollinger

3. Jan Ottobre


Women’s Mod

3. Kaycee Balls


Amateur Final

2. Shay Smith


Improved Stock King: Kyle Tapio

Mod King: Kyle Tapio

King of Kings: Kyle Tapio




  1. Never have attented one of these events but have been to Jackson Hole during the summer and seen the hill/mountain.

    Being the flatlander that I am, doubt if you could get me on the chair lift let alone try to take a sled up.

    Congrats to all the successful cat riders!


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