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Listen to the Sweet Sound of a 1971 Arctic Cat King Kat 800

Last week in the Zedshed story I mentioned that a 1971 King Kat 800 was started, and that it sang a cool, unique sound.

Here’s a short 1-minute video of that sled, the sound and the owner (Rich Pederson, who sits on the sled) giving it a little thumb.

Super cool!



  1. I’ve been lucky enough to hear all the King Kats at speed on a lake or on a snow covered road over the years. The 800-4 is just amazing blasting by. The 793 Hirth honker lives up to it’s name, but the often forgotten little KK- the 650 JLO triple, is a real screamer blasting by at 80 mph. It sounds a little like a newer triple with open pipes, just a slightly deeper pitch and more thump. Great movie and thanks.

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