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LOOK For 2022 Arctic Cat Demo Opportunities

Im proud of the fact Arctic Cat nailed the delivery timing on 2022 Demos to participating dealers at time of launch. This is your opportunity to see them, and potentially ride them (snow dependent). Inquire with your nearest dealer.

Im hoping to get entire list of dealers with demos, as well as any corporate events. When I do, Ill share them here. Also, pay attention to Arctic Cat website for listings. 

Here are a few opportunities I know of:

MARCH 6: Hazelhurst, WI – R&R Motorsports Open House 9am-2pm

MARCH 6: Elk River, MN – National Snocross at ERX Motorpark – Full Corporate Display

MARCH 13: Old Forge, NY – 2022 Demo Event Supported by Arctic Cat Dealers

MARCH 20: Colebrook, NH – 2022 Demo Event Supported by Arctic Cat Dealers

Country Cat, Sauk Centre, MN – 2022 Arctic Cat Demo/Display Models

Thomas Sno Sports, Ogilvie, MN – 2022 Arctic Cat Demo/Display Models

Kens Sports, Kaukauna, WI – 2022 Arctic Cat Demo/Display Models

Moorhouse Motorsports, New Germany, MN – 2022 Arctic Cat Demo/Display Models

RJ Sport & Cycle, Duluth, MN – 2022 Arctic Cat Demo/Display Models

Olson’s Outdoor Powersports, Mahnomen, MN – 2022 Arctic Cat Demo/Display Models

Dakota Cat, West Fargo, ND – 2022 Arctic Cat Demo/Display Models

Cooks Recreation, Tully, NY – 2022 Arctic Cat Demo/Display Models


These photos were sent to me from R&R Motorsports in Hazelhurst, WI. Their open house is happening today from 9am-2pm.



  1. Happy to see there will be support at Old Forge. Ill be there. If Arctic Cat wonders why we complain about their marketing, this is perfect example. Why aren’t all these events posted to their site? Quit with the troublemaker cuteness and focus on the basics. We just wanna ride and see the new sleds. Im glad this page exists. Kale I appreciate the Thundercat review. EPS has my attention. I just sold my 2017 Red/white/black Tcat with 81XX trouble-free miles. Amazing snowmobile!

  2. Nice job Arctic Cat for getting out the demos on time. Seriously this rivals what BRP did. To Gerrys point you did fall short on getting the info out there though. Kale, you’re probably going to get some dealers mad at you for not sharing their info, but you only know what you know. Keep up the good work.

  3. Any more details on the ERX display? Any chance the display will still be there on Sunday after the Races so if my wife and I wanted to go we would not have to pay the 70 dollars to get in to see the display?

  4. R & R is where I buy my Cats. Great dealer. Go down and see Randy, Tom, Cody or Nina… they will take good care of you. Top Notch all the way! ??

  5. Richard B- I don’t have additional info. I was at ERX yesterday, and it’s a killer display. I don’t believe it will be there past today. If you don’t want to take in the racing, next best would be to call area dealers like Country Cat or Thomas Sno Sports to see same units. I’m sure other dealers around Mpls area have units too.

  6. I sat down and quickly did a chart of this year’s price increase……

    8000 RR
    2020 MSRP $14695 / Sno-MO price $11895 / discount for pre-season order $2800
    2021 MSRP $14995 / Sno-Mo price $12095 / discount for pre-season order $2900
    2022 MSRP $14995 / Sno-Mo price $14365 / discount for pre-season order $630

    6000 LTD
    2020 MSRP $12945 / Sno-Mo price $10495 / discount for pre-season order $2450
    2021 MSRP $13245 / Sno-Mo price $10695 / discount for pre-season order $2550
    2022 MSRP $13395 / Sno-Mo price $12145 / discount for pre-season order $1250

    6000 R-XC / RR
    2020 R-XC MSRP $13295 / Sno-Mo price $10795 / discount for pre-season order $2500
    2021 R-XC MSRP $13595 / Sno-Mo price $10995 / discount for pre-season order $2600
    2022 RR MSRP $13795 / Sno-Mo price $12545 / discount for pre-season order $1250
    (yes, I know the differences in the sleds….. and the RR wasn’t available in 20 or 21…. and the R-XC pricing isn’t published yet for 2022……this is for showing the discount changes in as close to the same sled as possible in that segment)

    These are Cat’s advertised MSRPs and Snowmageddon prices. Plus freight and prep of course. And some dealers did do better than Sno-Mo prices, but this just shows the price increases.

    It’s easy to see that Cat is taking advantage of the past year’s sled “shortage” and increase in this sport…..which I don’t see lasting once COVID get behind us BTW … and has cut their discounts on the sled pre-season prices. What I don’t understand is why did the 8-RR get it’s discount cut nearly 80% while the 6000 LTD and RR were cut only by about 50%…… AND these are the same F’n sleds we’ve had. That new clutch isn’t costing them at all and may even be saving them money making it in-house. And the 2nd year warranty is THRU CAT not Cat-Care, Cornerstone, or any other aftermarket company like in the past…….so it COSTS Cat ZERO until there is an issue……… ZERO….

    And the biggest problem of all of this is now Cat has lost it’s price advantage that has kept so many people accepting the very little changes they were getting year to year and buying new Cats. It used to be, it’s $3000 or $4000 more for a comparable Doo or Poo…… Now that comparable Poo or Doo is the same $$$$$….with more warranty, newer technology, bigger motors, etc, etc ,etc……… and a bunch of Cat customers are changing brands.

    Like everything Textron seems to be doing, I feel this move to increase the Sno-Mo prices will bite them in the ass in the end with more lost customers. Maybe I am wrong……guess we will see…….

  7. Well I decided to bite the bullet and go up and see the factory display and maybe talk to some factory people. Drove a hour and paid the 40 dollars to get into event about 12:30. Walked to the Cat display and it was not all the way open and no one around at the front display. When I finally saw someone that knew something , said to come back at 3? I wish I would have known before hand. My time frame today would have not allowed that. Could have saved 40 dollars. Hard to understand to bring a snowmobile display to a snowmobile event and then keep it locked up.

  8. Thomas Perkins – As the Trailer Park Boys say, “Its all Supply and Command”. It would be interesting to map out the same for Polaris and Skidoo. I suspect the same increases apply there. Ive been looking at new trucks and its the same scenario. Campers, dirt bikes, PWC, ATVs, Golf Cars…same, same, same, same.

  9. Guys, some of the increases might come from raw materials. In the business I work in, steel has gone up 18% in the last month and threatening to go up another 10% on top of that this month.
    Dimensional lumber has gone up 3.5 times what it was this time one year ago. Drywall is going up 20% this month.
    I have to imagine that the materials that go into making the sleds has to be on the up-tick as well. I imagine it’s terribly hard to forecast raw materials pricing 6
    months into the future when the machines will be built. Maybe they are trying to make sure they are on the covered side of that unknown?
    Always easier to pitch a higher price and deliver the product on budget than to guess low and have an awkward phone call saying the price snuck up over the summer.

  10. @KALE….nope. Polaris has gone up around $700-1000 model to model. I don’t look at Doo. The the new truck market isn’t changing any more than it does year to year….even with drastic changes, completely new models, etc. I get a new truck every 2 or 3 year, so I watch what that market does too. So I’m not buying it. Not from Cat where the tooling for these sleds has been paid for 5 year or more years ago. If it was simply supply and demand, lacking raw materials, etc then it would be an even increase across the board. It’s not. Some models saw a 40-50 % decrease in the Snowmageddon discount… the 8000 RR is almost an 80% decrease in it’s discount.

    And… no ideas what the trailer park idiots say….. but I will agree with the “command” part of it. Cat is going to try to command higher money for the same product. After owning 63+ Cats……. I can and am looking elsewhere for the first time in my snowmobiling life………

  11. Does the all green RR say RR on it anywhere? I don’t see it. I see the ZR on the tail of the tunnel, but thats it.

  12. Thomas Perkins

    What are you even talking about as far as the RR’s go and not having them in ’20 and ’21. Also not sure where you are pulling your prices from not even close to Cat website. Literally all sleds are a 600 buck saving. Unlike last year which kicked butt in savings.

  13. I’m glad to see the new 2022’s mingling with the public and hope I get a chance to see them. Looks like Mother Nature has put a lid on demo rides for MN, hope others get some seat time.

    Really happy with my 21 Riot!

  14. Hi Kale,
    Thanks for of the current info for next years models. Am I missing something or am I not catching on, where is the Arctic Cat for me, a 68 year old life long Cat owner that I can trail ride all day and enjoy the winter day? I don’t see that model for me in the lineup. What am I missing? Was at my dealer yesterday asking about any demo sled they might be getting. None in the works, looks like Cat does not want to showcase their new product in the northeast, focus seems to be in the midwest where you live and out west according to the schedule

  15. MARCH 13: Old Forge, NY – 2022 Demo Event Supported by Arctic Cat Dealers

    MARCH 20: Colebrook, NH – 2022 Demo Event Supported by Arctic Cat Dealers

    So no demos at these locations? No info on line and no link from you guys. Thanks.

  16. Paul Nadeau – You left me a pretty open-ended question to answer. Im not sure what you currently own, but I see, and have ridden, quite a few snowmobiles in the line-up that can be enjoyed for day long rides on the trail. Choose your horsepower from 65- up to 200+. Your dealer may not have participated in the demo program. Did you ask that question? I have a list of 230+ dealers across North American that have, or will be receiving, 2022 models to use as demos or show units at their discretion. As soon as I get permission from AC to share that list, I will do so here.

  17. Hi Kale,
    Sorry to leave out some important info. Currently riding a 2016 Panterra 7000. Bought it since my wife no longer wanted to drive her own. Life has taken some turns for her. (Breast cancer) so she no longer is interested in the sport. Looking to upgrade to something with a bit more excitement. Looking for something in the 135 to 150 range in a four stroke. Hope this defines it a bit more.
    I did not know that the dealer had to be included in the new roll outs. I will ask next time I am there. Thanks for the info and education.


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