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Make ArcticInsider Great Again!

Make ArcticInsider Great Again October 14th!



  1. I sure do miss the content,i check daily to see if there is something new,miss John’s input as he was well connected with Cat

  2. It’s all just smoke and mirrors, do just enough to make people think we are doing stuff for them when it’s simply what ever will make Textron the most money. With them cutting 300 some dealers and no true answers as to why I am done with this company. After 30+ years of being only Arctic Cat it sucks. Have to start researching the other brands I guess

  3. About damn time!!! Still don’t like waiting another week tho… and hopefully it’s not something like, “Hey, we’re back…”. Hoping your news is some actual, GENUINE content on what’s happening and what the plan is going forward. *fingers crossed

  4. Terrific – I hope we hear something positive about Cat. There has been more than enough internet negativity about Arctic Cat since Textron took over.

  5. 2019 Team Arctic Reunion story is in the works. Just finishing up with the writers guild contract. I was asking for a Bell Ranger but it sounds more like I’m only getting a free lunch….Jim

  6. Good to see some activity here. Just picked up my 2020 ZR 8000 Limited on Saturday. Sled looks great and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for my favorite snowmobile brand and passionate fan base.

  7. My 6000 Limited is sitting at my dealership waiting for accessories. I am so pumped for this sled. It has iAct as well. Best sleds in the world. Should have it in my garage by next weekend. Bring on the snow!

  8. I got some Intel that they will be releasing the 2021 early build before the year out is there news about that John? Just took delivery of my 2020 ZR 8000 limited I am celebrating 50 years riding Arctic cat in a row this December I’m A little pissed off about the lemon yellow green colour and not the OEM lime Kawasaki green that we know and love m???! I got some Intel that they will be releasing the 2021 early build before the year out is there news about that John?

  9. See the news is that it is now someone else besides John and that they will have future news. How about some news on the reason behind what dealers were cut and which ones got to stay? But that will never be answered for the dealers that got cut. They simply were told you are done.

  10. Glad your back, thought there was something wrong. I was just at the Novi Snowmobile USA show last night and no Arctic Cat presence there what so ever, Very disappointing, Think there Cat is in trouble.


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