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While here in Minnesota it seems summer can take a long time to get here, I usually use Mother’s Day as my gauge to officially welcome in the season. Of course, with summer comes off-road riding, and as I pulled together this list, I was also making plans to go on my first ride of the season this weekend, (I’ll have pics and recap of that ride next week). Of course, any ride that involves our favorite brand of off-road vehicles is a good one, making it happen while attending one of (or several) of the best events and rallies in the nation is the icing on the cake. Obviously, many of these events are open to any brand, but I’d like to call special attention to a few select Cat only rides that are of particular interest – the rider organized Black Hills Clowder Ride, and the more widely recognized Wicked Wildcat Weekends hosted by fellow Cat buddy Richard Carter. Whether you attend one of these events or plan your own with buddies, I’d love to see some of your ride/event pics. Send them to or share them on our Facebook page. Now let’s get out there and ride.

May 24-27 – TOTAL OFF-ROAD RALLY – For more than 50-years, off-roaders have gathered in Dresser, Wisconsin for what many call the biggest and best rally in the Midwest. There is something for everyone during this four-day event including a truck pull, monster trucks, racing, music, dancing, bonfires, skill competitions, kids’ activities, on-site camping, and way more. For more information visit

May 25-26 – CLASSIC SLED ROUNDUP – Featuring one of the best vintage sled displays anywhere, and swap meet that rivals any in North America, the 20th running of this fundraiser for the Snowmobile Hall of Fame is a must attend for any classic or vintage snowmobile fan. In addition to the event, the Hall of Fame also host an open house and cookout prior to the show. For more information visit

June 13-15 – DRUMMOND ISLAND JEEP JAMBOREE – The 31st running of this event features densely wooded forests and rocky trails on Michigan’s remote, rugged, and scenic Upper Peninsula in and around Drummond Island, Michigan. For more information visit

June 25-30 – UTV TAKEOVER COOS BAY OREGON – In just six short years, UTV Takeover events have grown to become one of the most well-known and attended in the country. The Coos Bay location features over 40-miles of dunes along with Oregon coastline, on-site camping, vendor displays, and lots of family-friendly activities including sand drags, groups rides, wheelie fest, concerts, barrel racing, show-n-shines, poker runs, rock-n-roll bingo, demo rides, and way more. For more information visit

June 27-30 – BLACK HILLS WILDCAT CLOWDER RIDE – Held by Wildcat enthusiasts, this year’s ride will be based out of Big Pines Campground, which is located just three miles outside of the city of Custer. If you want to connect and ride with fellow Cat riders on what is quite likely some of the best off-road trails in the Midwest, this could be your event. To contact Big Pines Campground call 605-673-4054.

June 28-29 – RIDE THE SHORE – Hosted by the Minnesota ATV Riders Ride the Shore number 6 will deliver some of the most scenic views in the state paired with some of the best ATV and SxS trails in the Midwest. The weekend activities include a night ride, pancake breakfast, vendor displays, food trucks, prizes, and a black beach bonfire. For more information visit

July 10-14 – WICKED WILDCAT WEEKEND BLACK HILLS SOUTH DAKOTA – If you’re a long-time reader of this site, then you are familiar with fellow Cat enthusiast Richard Carter, who owns Wildcat Riders. He hosts some kick ass events and for 2024 he has three on tap (one which we already missed in Tennessee), this return event in South Dakota, and a fall event at the famed Hatfield-McCoy Trails. For more information visit

July 12-13 – ERX OFF-ROAD NATIONALS – Featuring two-days of action-packed short course off-road truck and side-by-side racing, the Nats, as they’ve become known to avid fans, is a can’t miss event. Held at ERX Motor Park in Elk River, Minnesota, the venue has built a reputation of being one of the most fan friendly anywhere in the Midwest. Great racing, smiling faces, food, beverages, camping, music, and more, mark your calendars for the two best days of summer. For more information visit

August 29 – September 1 – CRANDON WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP – Four days of Midwest off-road racing action at one of the biggest race weekends in the country, including what is dubbed the “Super Bowl of Short Course” racing and Red Bull Crandon World Cup held in the heart of the Wisconsin Northwoods in Crandon. For more information visit

August 23-24 – OUTLAW GRASS DRAGS – Originally formed as an alternative to Hay Days, the Outlaw drags and swap has taken on a life of its own and has been heralded as having the best vintage snowmobile swap meet in the Midwest. With vendors, night racing, good food, and cold beer, what’s not to love. For more information visit

August 28 – September 28 – UTV INVASION ST. ANTHONY IDAHO – Featuring vendors, drag racing, a wheelie competition, and group rides all taking place in what I would call one of the most beautiful areas in the western United States, put UTV Invasion Idaho on your must attend bucket list. For more information visit

September 3-8 – UTV TAKEOVER WINCHESTER BAY OREGON – With miles and miles of dunes along some incredible coastline, the takeover event delivers an amazing riding and camping experience. Like all UTV Takeover events, activities are many and plentiful including stereo wars, poker runs, a pit crew challenges, a treasure hunt, barrel racing, a happy hour meet and greet, and of course lots of great riding. For more information visit

September 7-8 – SNO-BARONS HAY DAYS – What more can we say about the world’s biggest powersport event other than if you’ve never been there…now is the time. This is the ultimate party in a field and a must attend for any enthusiast. To learn more visit

September 12-15 – KEWEENAW OVERLAND ADVENTURE RETREAT – Held in Copper Harbor, Michigan, this event encompasses four days of rustic camping, exhibitors, demos, education, and other activities on the gorgeous Keweenaw Peninsula in Michigan’s Upper Penn region. For more information visit

September 19-22 – WICKED WILDCAT WEEKEND HATFIELD MCCOY – While I haven’t attended a Wicked Wildcat event yet, (but I’m making a point to), everything I’ve heard about these events is positive. Of course, why wouldn’t it be. The organizer is an Arctic Cat loving off-road junkie, and each year his events are getting better and better. If you want to hang, camp, and ride with fellow Arctic Cat off-roaders, this is your stop. For more information visit

September 20-22 – SAND SPORTS SUPER SHOW – Each September, hundreds of exhibitors and thousands of attendees come together at the Orange County Fair & Event Center in Costa Mesa for the biggest dune and dirt sports EXPO in the world. While riding isn’t the focus, the huge list of vendors and exhibitions makes it must attend. Of course, savvy trip planners will make sure to add in some fantastic desert riding located just a short drive away. For more information visit

September 20-22 – WIDE OPEN WISCONSIN – A show, a race, and a swap, this event has become the fastest growing powersports event in the Midwest. With a growing vendor list, free parking, and a gate admission of just $5, the buzz about the fun and affordability of WOW is spreading like wildfire. Find out for yourself. For more information visit

October 2-6 – UTV INVASION WAYNOKA OKLAHOMA – While most would never think of Oklahoma as a off-road destination, this hidden gem is centrally located, easy to get to, and home to a UTV Invasion event. Serving up a party atmosphere, the Oklahoma event is held at a premier recreational sand resort adjacent to the Little Sahara State Park. For more information visit

October 15-20 – UTV TAKEOVER HURRICANE UTAH – Anybody that knows off-road riding has heard of Sand Hollow State Park. With more than 20,000 acres of riding including dunes, trails, rock climbs and more…it is an off-road riding paradise. Of course, when UTV Takeover comes to town, it only gets better with a host of events including guided rides, a poker run, barrel competitions, a show and shine, a treasure hunt, and more. For more information visit



  1. Any information on Dirt Products for 2025? I thought this was the year Textron / AC was going to be releasing some exciting new models, bigger motors and new technology / creature comforts? There’s been zero buzz, spy photos or teasers posted anywhere so I’m assuming its Bold New Graphics once again across the entire off road lineup??

    • I’m heading the TRF Monday…hopefully will learn something about dirt while I’m there. This I can say…inventory levels or everyone is off the charts right now. Drive by any dealership and you can see that for yourself. That being said, approaching the market with caution would be wise…a big new whiz band right now, while cool and overdue would be great, the timing isn’t great as sales would still be a challenge in the current financial climate. We will see…

  2. They really only build one or two ATV’s (available in single seat and trv)
    One sport SXS that hasn’t changed since its introduction 6 or 7 years ago (other than replacing team as a supplier of a few parts) Hell they have to pay Robbie Gordon over $40 mil because they are too clueless to build machines that he designed for them, and would actually sell (the 4 seater, or turbo)
    One under-powered utility sxs (that also has been around for a lot of years) with your choice of 1 row seating or 2 row seating
    They don’t build any units for the best selling market segments

    • They
      Appealed that a long time ago kROM. Old news. Love my Alterra 600. For what I use it, there is nothing better. Will be buying a Prowler Pro next. So smooth. So quiet and oh so comfortable. Not under powered in the least. All opinions of course, but I am usually right.

      • Textron lost the case, Gordon was awarded over 40 mil, breach of contract. Of course they are going to appeal, its a huge amount of money.
        Doubly stupid move by textron, as they would have sold a hell of a lot more machines if they released the turbo and the 4 seater, instead of firing the guys who worked on them, and sending the prototypes to the crusher. Instead they don’t compete in one of the most profitable, fastest growing segments off road.
        I’m sure nothing is underpowered for you… We’ve had several unhappy customers complain how underpowered their prowler pro is, inducing a very nice lady who wasn’t happy about it loosing speed going up a hill that her old 450 rhino would maintain or accelerate up.

  3. Yet the former boys down the street have been releasing new models. Just released an XF1000, looks pretty decent.
    And im sure they have a sport model in the works.
    Although more than new models, I’m and many others) are still waiting for an update on the wildcat x starter boss.
    Im scared to drive it as once it breaks its done.

    • There is never going to be anything done for that machine. Textron is liquidating the leftover accessories, and discontinuing parts.
      All you can do is make sure you have the updated starter and gear, keep the valves adjusted, and run good fuel

        • Still here proving how ignorant and wrong you are I see..
          look for a primary clutch for a 2013 to 2019.
          It has been discontinued for a year or so, along with plenty of other parts

          • A close friend of mine is still nursing along a 2013 Team Clutch LTD that I sold him new, and yes parts are drying up. His steering slider (yes that abomination) is failing yet again, and even the aftermarket improved stuff is disappearing.

  4. I would just like to see a 1000 cc unit from AC with heat and AC to compete with the Ranger NorthStar and Defender Limited. I would also like to see an Altera with a bigger motor than a 600. The Havoc X seemed like a nice unit so why not bring something like it back under the AC name so I can buy one from my Cat Dealer?

  5. The Prowler Pro is a great machine. It is not a racer. Was not designed to be. Some people like Krom complain that their coffee is too hot, and their ice Cream is too cold.

    • Dealers need machines to be competitive in the heart of the market. The Prowler Pro is in the Mule, Kubota, Deere farm yard market. That’s fine, but that is not where the volume is with Ranger, Defender, Expedition, etc., etc., all of which will run circles around the Prowler Pro. The E-Z-Go morons are not giving the dealer or the consumer what they want, and their abysmal market share reflects that.

      • I got tired of waiting for them. I’m a die hard AC Guy and currently own 5 of their sleds including a 1980, 2016, 2018, 2023, 2024 and a 2025 on order. I just bought a CAN AM Defender Limited HD 10 because AC just doesn’t offer anything competitive to that machine. I liked that the LIMITED already came in a package that had everything I wanted on it including doors, roof, winch, heat, AC, power windows and 30″ tires. I have to believe they’d have a lot more customers than just me if they started offering a competitive machine to the Ranger and Defender in the sport / utility side x side market.

        • You are far from alone, we’ve lost a ton of customers because textron refuses to build what they want, dirt and snow. Unless something major happens to their new machine what reason would they have to switch back to AC?

          • I hope you have another line to depend on. We remained loyal to A-C for too long, and it cost us dearly. So many missed/botched opportunities. They truly are morons.

  6. There was some talk earlier that textron was actively trying to sell off the arctic cat line, or maybe all off road stuff, can anyone confirm this?

    • It would be great if it was true, but I’m not sure that’s in the cards. They bought AC because it was a cheap factory to build off-road, and they had dreams of expanding ezgo into SXS with the stampede and havoc.
      They then proceeded to fire most everyone with knowledge and experience, and cancel every dealer within range of a tracker store thinking that just building units for them would be enough (ceo at the time was friends with Johnny Morris).

      In the past they have turned down offers from Argo, Yamaha, and others.
      Now I’m not sure there is much worth buying. Under textron market share has fallen to almost 0. They only have the prowler pro, and one atv on the dirt side now. Textron has let all the IP wither and die, the catalyst sat around for 4 or 5 years before being released (was supposed to be out in 19 or 20, if you don’t believe me listen to the carbide podcast with Wes Selby). On the snow side they are at least 5 years behind in R&D, and much more than that on the dirt side

    • I watched Textron run Homelite into the ground. Same basic MO, go into chain stores, stall R&D, then let it wither. They pawned off the smoldering carcass on an unwitting Deere, who pretty quickly figured out they bought a “pig in a poke”, and dumped it to some Chi-Com concern.

      If they don’t simply pull the plug, I wouldn’t be surprised if it ended up with CF Moto or Hisun, TBH.


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