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The opening rounds of the AMSOIL Championship Snocross tour brought mixed results, along with plenty of optimism, as the All Finish Racing team continues to gel as an elite level team.

#221 Daniel Benham Pro

Daniel Benham posted the highest result of the weekend with a sixth place finish in the Pro final on Friday night. Benham was challenging near the top five on Saturday as well but got caught up in a tangle with another rider and dropped to 14th.

#727 Jacob Yurk Pro

Jacob Yurk had a rough start to the weekend when he bypassed the tech trailer after his first round heat race, resulting in 0 points and putting him behind the eight ball the rest of the night. Yurk regrouped on Saturday and posted a top 10 finish in the final in 9th.

Both riders and their Arctic Cat snowmobiles showed plenty of speed throughout the weekend and will spend the next couple days testing suspension settings to help improve their starts. 

#44 Anson Scheele Pro Lite

Anson Scheele was able to have a little more success with his starts in the Pro Lite class. Scheele finished in the top four in all of his qualifying rounds and posted main event results of 12 -10.

Anson leaves the weekend 10th in points in a class where positions 2-10 are separated by just 16 points.

Watch the team live all season by logging into the Flo Racing streaming service.

Team Sponsors: Arctic Cat, Kost Materials, Fly Racing,
All Finish Concrete, Fox Shox, Stud Boy, Rox Speed FX,
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  1. Team Arctic got our a$$es kicked by Polaris and SkiDoo again.

    Logan Christian won a qualifying round aboard his new SkiDoo.

    Nothing new to report.

    • In the upper ranks, AC is going to be outnumbered by the other two brands all season. That won’t change and its going to be a challenge. I do see Yurk and Benham coming around for podiums though.

      Logy looked killer in his two heat wins, but in finals was a different story. Not to take away from him because he’s fast, talented and on good equipment, but Benham got 6th Friday and Logy 15th. Saturday Yurk 9th and Logy 11th.

      • Don’t get me wrong Kale, huge fan of the green goblins but since the competition showed up with their own versions of the 136″ it hasn’t been smooth sailing for Cat.

        Time to advance and progress their race and trail sleds to the next level once again or continue being an also ran in the LCQ and at the back of the pack.

        Meow ?

    • Get your 6000 RR yet Jimmy? Are they throwing in complimentary pompoms in February when it arrives?

      How’d things go at Pine Lake this weekend?

      • End of the week it sounds for my sled. Was riding my old so never paid attention to the races on Saturday and Sunday was cold and crappy.

        • Hope you and everyone from all brands get their rides soon. These are odd times for manufacturers of everything.

          Seems there may be a good story to be written about it ? Kale ?

    • Oh, and this didn’t just suddenly start happening on the SX tracks this season Jim. The 2018 SX was dominant in all classes. Doo & Poo did their homework, and met them head on with as good or better sleds and fresh yong talent.

      The days of TH68 dominating the Pro class for Cat are over. Adapt, improve, evolve or abandon ship.

      • Sadly, there won’t be another #68 for quite some time. Elias will be winning for awhile barring any injuries. That kid has learned how to ride the ragged edge.

  2. Textron- can’t have it both ways; either fund the race program to attract top talent and be competitive, or resign yourself to being an also-ran (guessing if Cat isn’t competitive, senior management will yank away race program funding so it’s a Catch-22).

  3. You have to thank Tucker if the Skidoo and Polaris sleds have improved, they had to do something to catch Tucker. Cat did not spend much money cause Tucker would win anyway.

  4. Congrats to Taven Woodie on winning the Pro Womens class on saturday. Well deserved!!!Its only the first round but i’m sure the wins will come for the rest of team arctic!!!!

  5. There will NEVER be another like Tucker #68. I see no one, current or up coming, in any class with the success of Tucker. Don’t get me wrong, there are some great and talented drivers out there but I just don’t see any having the success and talent that Tucker has. I am a big fan of Benham, Yurk and Wittwer. I hope they do well this year and I think they will. I still like Logan but sad to see him switch brands. At least Benham and Wittwer came back to Cat. It’s where they belong. Maybe Logan will come back later. Anyway, I wish all Cat drivers and teams good luck this year.

  6. Hopefully AC showed you more than bold new graphics the last time you were there. There are tens of thousands of former AC owners waiting on the sidelines to jump back in. Give them a reason.

    Prices this spring are going to get crazy. If they can drop some new stuff at a good price then they are going to have more orders than they know what to do with.

  7. Great riding tonight in the qualifiers by Yurk, Benham, Scheel and Muller

    Daniel with the pole position in the finals, hooray! IDK what happened on lap one though.

    Willing to stop by again next week for another motivational speech. 🙂

    I am also available for corporate functions, bah mitzvahs and children’s birthday parties

    pm to schedule and for pricing


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