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New Arctic Cat Products for August ’11

"50 Years of the Cat" book from Arctic Cat

Arriving at dealerships at the end of this month, the first feature product from August is project that’s near and dear to my heart: the new “50 Years of the Cat” book.

A pictorial journey through 50 dramatic years, this baby highlights both the human and vehicle history of Arctic Cat. The collectors-quality, 160-page hardcover book is loaded with more than 400 photos, many of which are published here for the first time ever. Chapters cover everything from racing legends and the greatest snowmobiles, to never-before-seen prototypes and innovative ideas that have shaped the sport, with emphasis on the people who built and ride Arctic Cat. MSRP is $24.95 U.S./$29.95 Canada.

Buy one for yourself and 10 for friends, then maybe I’ll get to write another book for Arctic Cat in the future!


50 Years of Arctic Cat DVD

Everyone who’s seen this 90-minute DVD will confirm it’s loaded with some classic race and company footage, great interviews from people who have lived Arctic Cat, and a particular story told by Roger Skime about the demise of Arctic Enterprises that brings tears to your eyes. Seriously, even my 10-year old son cried.

Combining the classic footage with photographs and current interviews from legendary racers, employees and industry personalities, the style of this DVD reminds me of the Ken Burns-like documentaries.

From the glorious highs of snowmobiling in the early 1970s to the grave lows of Arctic Enterprises shutting its doors followed by the stunning rebirth of the brand, “50 Years of Arctic Cat” tells the captivating story of an iconic company and the people who made it. MSRP is $24.95 U.S./$29.95 Canada.

(This is another item that, if you buy an extra for a gift, chances are we’ll get to see more of these kinds of products in the future! Plus, it really would  be a great gift. Okay, enough of the strong-arm selling tactics from me.)


Arctic Cat Telescoping Steering Post

I have a feeling this item is going to be popular on a whole bunch of new and recent-model Cats.

Add simple and instant height adjustment to most recent Arctic Cat snowmobiles with the new Telescopic Steering Post. Using the simple hand-operated locking collar, riders can quickly adjust the handlebar height within a 4-in. range with 12 positions in 3/8-in. increments, adding instant versatility when transitioning between trails and boon-docking. Available for 2012 F800, XF800, M800 and 2009-’11 standard M Series and Crossfire models. MSRP is $229.95 U.S./$265.95 Canada.


Arctic Cat CatGirl Glam Coat

Stand old-man winter on his head with the all-new Catgirl Glam Coat. The boldly-feminine style and color is backed up with warm, super-soft 200-gram Thinsulate Insulation wrapped in a soft, smooth nylon shell. The easily-removable hood creates two unique looks, while the longer coat style is perfect for riding and relaxing. A convenient MP3 player pocket with tangle-free neck cord system lets you listen to music with ease. Available in S – 2XL sizes. The MSRP is $189.95 U.S./$219.95 Canada.

(I also have a feeling my Cat Girl will be getting one of these for Christmas.)



  1. My family bought 3 books and 2 dvds. and we absolutely loved them!
    great job! thanks to you and everyone else involved!
    We were wondering if there was any way you could make available
    the classic comercials and trivia questions video that was played all
    weekend at Cats. 50’th?
    my family was mesmerized by all the classic Cat commercials being
    played in the beer gardens and such all weekend and we were hoping
    that there was a way you could find the source of this video and make
    it available to anyone interested.
    we would appreciate it so much!
    thanks in advance,

  2. Thanks for getting those items, Josh and Darin!

    To answer your question Darin: the official answer is no, the classic commercials won’t officially be available, because of possible ownership/talent rights issues.

    However, I’m working to hatch a plan. Stay tuned.

  3. I thought I was the only one that HAD to HAVE that video of all of the commercials that was playing in the beer garden. It MUST be released to the general public!!! It was a collectors item before it was done playing!!! Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! Find a way to get it for us John!! (hint, maybe a you-tube-leak)!!!

  4. I purchased both the book and DVD at the 50th anniversary celebration. They were awesome!

    As for accessories, I have already planned to buy the telescoping handlebar kit for my new XF800 Sno Pro. I tried it out at the Sneak Peek show in Minneapolis and it is a must have for the new kitty (along with a mountain seat).

  5. “Don’t get the book without the DVD…both are priceless!”
    I still cry when I hear Roger Skime’s story. “Just shows I have the Arctic Cat passion!!!”

  6. So John: Hearing from people getting there sleds that the cool spare belt holder is not included now. What happened to that? The last few cat body styles have not had a belt holder or spark plug holder and that was once there strong point What gives?

  7. Jim R if you need spark plugs with these new sleds, its more than just a simple fix, with all the technology use and each sensor reading off one other, its bound to be more than a spark plug. Also some of them have to torqued to the specific angle such as the Etec on ski-doo or they dont run which means you need to bring them. For the belt holder, it cracked in too cold of tempeter As for belts most people buy the bags as it is now days. I for one planned on buying the storage back for the rear and pod area wether it came with the sled or not. Never can have too much storage now days.. It also does sound like the pod bag is coming to each customer who buys/bought a 2012 sled for no cost.

  8. The 800 is no different than the 800 two years ago and I have changed plugs along side the trail. Not that hard to do. 4 strokes I can see but you will also never see me on a 4 stroke. Cat used to be the best at offering storage on there sleds but now you have to purchase this as an add item and that disturbs me just a little bit there Alex.


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